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Opinion: trends


I am aware of fashion trends, because I read fashion blogs and take a look at runway pictures and etc. But I am not one of those people, who, as soon as the trendy clothes come in, runs to the store and gets everything that is currently on trend. But I do think, that trends are simply a good timing to buy something that suits your taste and you know that it will give you a lot of joy.

For example, studs are not my thing, so I would not buy something of this trend, even though I do think it is pretty. But when I see clogs, I remember the picture of my parents’ wedding and my mom is wearing CLOGS in that picture! I would definately get a pair of Miu Mius or something similar (if I had the money :D) and even if god forbid I didn’t wear them, I would pass them on as a family heirloom.

As a kid I always wore faux or real fur and always felt so warm and cozy. Since I come from the country where winters are quite cold, I do want to be properly prepared for cold weather, but also look cute and not just wear all puffed up down (pun, much?) jacket. So, people who like fur, should get something nice this season. The time of fur has come (ask Karl Lagerfeld), and it means that there will be lots of variations and you will be able to pick something that really suits your fancy.

(picture from

More on trends to come (when inspiration kicks in :))…



Walking in My Wedding Shoes


A few months back I embarked on a journey through the internets in search of a perfect outfit. I am getting married soon, so I decided to do at least SOME things in advance and not the last minute. And since I am really chaotic and just had a vague idea that I do not want a boring standard outift (white dress, white shoes, a suit for my husband-to-be), I was going through ALL dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes in various online store with a hope, that something will simply catch my attention.

While flipping through I discovered this great pair of shoes from Irregular Choice. Dark blue (my favourite colour) with polka dots (adds a really nice twist).
Irregular Choice Dot Print Heeled Shoes
Unfortunatelly, they didn’t have my size. And since I decided that these are THE SHOES, I googled them to death. At first I went the easy way – simply to the and see if they have an online store. And guess what? I found them. And even better. I found the variation that fits occasion even more perfectly – what can be cuter than wearing shoes covered with hearts on your wedding day, ha?

So, without hesitation I ordered them. Even though the price was a bit ouch. Plus 15 pounds for international delivery! Oh well, it’s for my wedding so… In a few days I got an email with we are very sorry, but your shoes are not available. I was WTF, mate? and really really disappointed. Because once I set my eye on something (and that does not happen too often, that I have no doubts about something) I HAVE to get it. And once again I was in the virtual space, looking for MY shoes. Amazon and Ebay in Germany, UK, various (and weird) online stores all over. Kept my eye on asos, just in case my shoes miraculously emerge. After few hours of intense browsing I finally found them! Cheaper than I saw anywhere else AND they had my size! And again without hesitation I pulled out my credit card.

Only after I paid, did I decide to investigate this online store. I mean, what the hell is D R Shoes? Haven’t heard of them EVER. I was relieved to see, that they have a store on Ebay and have only positive reviews. So, to save some nerves, DO check first, if the store is trustworthy. In this case I can assure you, that D R Shoes just ROCK (but their website is being renewed, so you cannot check yourselves). There was some issue with my credit card (my delivery address and billing address is different, so their system suspected me of fraud), but the staff replied to my email within an hour and reassured me that everything is OK and I just need to call them to confirm the addresses. So I did. And everything was sorted out in 10 minutes and my shoes where shipped in an hour! So. Now I have the shoes of my dreams. Which will hopefully not be just one time shoes. Here they are 🙂

OMG! The heel is 13cm! The shoes are comfy though and look really cute on the foot. The only problem that I am experiencing in them, is that lining is made of fabric, not leather, so when walking in them at home I am always paranoid to lose them. Will see what’s gonna happen on the big day 🙂


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Rainy days


Since the weather for the past few days was totally crappy, I was looking up cute rainy day thingies on the internets (LOLspeach might appear on this blog occasionally) :). Since continous rain tends to get me depressed, colourful and sweet things can have quite an effect on my mood, when all I want is to crawl back in bed in the morning.

So, samurai umbrella would be quite fitting, if you just want to be left alone, especially while waiting for (or are in) the public transport (Be afraid! Be very afraid!).
Kasana Samurai Umbrella

And this sweet umbrella stand (holder?) would give you a mood boost, before leaving for work. Aaaaaw, it’s raining!
Splash Mini Regenschirmständer

And of course – dry feet are essential. Rubber boots FTW! I’ve got myself some funky light blue rubber boots with flowers all over 🙂 Goes well with grey and black jackets and people tend to give me looks 😀 While browsing for a nice example, I found these adorable boots.

I’m not sure about the colour, but I really like the boot itself. I think, that simple rubber boots are also a great option, as long as they are of bright colour.
Hunter Original Gloss Wellington Boots


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