Rainy days


Since the weather for the past few days was totally crappy, I was looking up cute rainy day thingies on the internets (LOLspeach might appear on this blog occasionally) :). Since continous rain tends to get me depressed, colourful and sweet things can have quite an effect on my mood, when all I want is to crawl back in bed in the morning.

So, samurai umbrella would be quite fitting, if you just want to be left alone, especially while waiting for (or are in) the public transport (Be afraid! Be very afraid!).
Kasana Samurai Umbrella

And this sweet umbrella stand (holder?) would give you a mood boost, before leaving for work. Aaaaaw, it’s raining!
Splash Mini Regenschirmständer

And of course – dry feet are essential. Rubber boots FTW! I’ve got myself some funky light blue rubber boots with flowers all over 🙂 Goes well with grey and black jackets and people tend to give me looks 😀 While browsing for a nice example, I found these adorable boots.

I’m not sure about the colour, but I really like the boot itself. I think, that simple rubber boots are also a great option, as long as they are of bright colour.
Hunter Original Gloss Wellington Boots


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