My fear of high heels and how to treat it


I love heels, but if I end up going somewhere alone, I opt for flats or low heel shoes (around 7 cm)…I have a fear of trippping, which I need to conquer. I am way too clumsy. And even though I actually can walk in heels, I am always self conscious and keep trying not to fall and feel really tense. (Too much pressure…:D )

Anyway. Yesterday I realized, that I do not own any kind of high heel sandals. And I mean HIGH. Since it is sale season, I was wandering around the interwebs in search of a perfect shoe to help me face my fear. Usually if I want to wear heels, I warn my beloved man of this, so he would be by my side in case I fall 😀

So. At first I looked for clog type sandals (I thought it would be quite easy to walk in them, because of bulky heel), but they looked a bit too chunky and I wanted something more classy. I also wanted something simple (in other words easy to style), yet chic to help me overcome my fraidy cat syndrome of walking in heels by myself.

I stumbled accross these Steve Madden sandals. Which have classic look to them and a high heel plus platform.

I found them on Javari. Some shoe shop that teamed up with amazon or smth. So you can log in with your amazon account and use stored addresses and stuff. Which is really convenient if you ask me. It is really annoying to keep logging in and signing up etc.  They ship internationally and it costs around 5 pounds for European countries. The shoes I chose are also on sale on and are a bit cheaper than on Javari (but only UK delivery), but they do not have this particular colour. I was considering a black pair, but the ones are of patent leather and gives me a bit of a stripper vibe, which I would not be able to pull off. So I went for a bit more expensive ones in brown. Will share some pictures once they arrive 🙂 And hopefully, I will dare to wear them 😀


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