Styling Online. Couturious


I love playing with clothes, but I feel rather limited with my closet’s contents. Besides, sometimes I’m not sure if some particular piece will work well with the rest of my stuff and I avoid buying it then. The easy way to play around safely is to try online first.

I discovered Couturious while randomly browsing through fashion blogs and comment and joined immediatelly (here is my profile) 🙂 In some time I got an email, that I am among TOP 50 stylists there! How cool is this 🙂 Anyway. I think that my playing a virtual stylist will become a frequent post.

So, here are my yesterday’s creations. The weather is really pressing on me, so the looks are not too colourful. But I still like them and as almost all my creations on Couturious – I would wear them myself.

Weekday CoolOffice in Summer

One casual outfit and one a bit classier, wearable to work (if the cleavage does not bother you :))

A little info about the tools. Couturious is easy to use. You can log in with your Facebook account. You can pick a model and a background (pitty, that they do not have different body shape models yet, but hopefully they will be available soon :)). You can pick clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes. For most items you can choose different placing (i.e. your model can carry a bag on a shoulder, or on a wrist), also there is certain degree of layering available. In my opinion, does not work too well, when you want to cover some puffy thing with a tight one, but oh well 🙂 But you can tuck shirt into pants or pants into shoes quite efficiently. I think it is a really great tool with on going developments. So enjoy. I know I do 😀


p.s.  I do not work for couturious and they are not my sponsors 🙂


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