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Yesterday we paid a visit to the music store in Cologne. I was going with two guys, so I needed to wear something, that I would be able to keep up with them (roll eyes out) and feel comfy on a train. So here is what I wore.

My outfit on 7th of Auguts 2010

I am used to dressing weather and place appropriatelly. So, for +26 this outfit seemed perfect, i felt cool and comfortable. The sandals were not too high, so basically felt like sneakers, just with more ventilation :). And of course – cotton skirt and top in Summer, FTW!

Tank top – Esprit, skirt – United Colours of Benetton, sandals – Clarks, bag – Mango.

I bought these sandals last year in London. Clarks is one of my favorite shoe brands. I am not always amazed by their design, but if they manage to come up with something cute – you will not regret buying a shoe of this brand. They are just so soft and comfortable, and the leather is just awesome.

The skirt was bought (again) for office purposes about 2 years ago. I love high waist and the skirt has pockets! (when I mentally went through my collection of skirts, I realized, that ALL of my skirts have pockets :D.) As a kid I always hated high waisted pants, dresses or skirts and would always try to pull them lower. But now I really adore this kind of clothing. It gives the vibe of cute.

The top was purchased as a back up for a similar top I own 🙂 If you really wear something basic A LOT, you should stock up, IMHO.

And the bag was featured here.

Before I left I also put a bunch of bangles and bracelets on and of course the earrings (photos to come). Without the earrings I feel kind of naked, they are essential part of my wardrobe and I think deserve a separate post 😀 Anyway, I was happy with the way my outfit turned out.

Have a nice Sunday 🙂


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