Here are some pics I took in Berlin. I like details, colours and patterns, you’ll see from the pictures 🙂 More after the jump, enjoy.

Some of our gang arrived quite early, so we could not go to our friend’s appartment until 10 a.m. (when he had gone to work and we could safely sneak in). We sat in some park/playground near his house and ate our sandwiches.

I really liked these lids. So distinctive and cute.

I really do not know if it is just for addvertising or people can also go on this balloon.

Steps to some galary near the former Berlin wall. We had a chat with a bohemian hostess there, it was really nice.

These kind of indications go throught all parts of the city where Berlin wall stood.

People chilling  near a canal. One afternoon we also sat down by the canal for some bears. The atmosphere was so great and relaxed.

Jewish monument. I did not look up more on this so that’s all information I can give you 😀


A feather from Fuck parade (more on that to come).

A colourful block. There was another one by Dali museum, but I figured one will be enough for the post.

A part of Berlin wall that is still standing.

In Tacheles squat. I think I will put together a separate post with photos on this too.

Colourful baloons 🙂

A building near the Jewish monument.

In Sony center.

Hope you liked.


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