Outfit post (what I wore this Summer)


So, time for some restrospective outfit post and since there are no plans for leaving the appartment today and I wanted to post some pictures, I put something together from previous days. A bit hippy and I love it. Plus I had a chance to try out my tripod 🙂 seems to be quite ok, just takes time to adjust (you know, oops, I cut the shoes out of the frame etc.).

Top and jeans – Esprit, shoes – Converse, bangles – from Russia and Lithiania, bag – from grandma.

I got the jeans and the top last year in London when I was visiting a friend and the zipper of my last pair of jeans gave up on me a weekend before. So this was a necessity. And as usual, jeans are too long, but oh well. Until I walk on them and make holes I can console myself that I can wear them with heels too 😀 I think they still look good rolled up a bit. The top has such great green colour, love it. Sneakers I got in Budapest about two years ago on sale. They are rather cool, because they are not of simple one colour, but have flowers on them.
Anyway, back to clothes. I just love jeans from Esprit. Almost all of them are with stretch, which helps jeans look perfect and you do not feel like you are trapped in your pants, but also they do not stretch too much, so you do not look like wearing jeans that are too big. Jeans are always the one thing I put more money in, because they are my go to piece of clothing, when I have no idea what to wear.
I wore this outfit while grocery shopping few months back.

Mah man said, that I have an unfriendly expression in the pictures, so sorry for that. Will try to smile more next time.


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