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Spring 2011 Ready to Wear Favourites (I). Dries Van Noten.


I try to stay away from all the fashion month fuss. I like everything to settle down and then flip through the photos. They are not going anywhere, you know, and I really do not care to be the first one to post. Also I do not interpret what the collections are about and what designer wanted to show, I am really not the critic (there are a lot of things I cannot appreciate, simply because I am not familiar with the process of design). There are plenty of people on the internets who can do it well. I just like all things pretty and aesthetic, so that is what I will write about.

I just picked my favorites to share and added short remarks πŸ™‚ (Other posts will be similar too.)

So here we go. Dries Van Noten Spring 2011. All pics are from

Dries Van Noten Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearDries Van Noten Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

The flowing fabric… Perfect casual Friday looks…

Dries Van Noten Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearDries Van Noten Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

The colour palette is pure goodness and the proportions are perfect. And of course – shoes, wonderful shoes…


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Phantasia Land


So, the weather has gotten worse, and with the coming of gloomy Autumn weather enthusiasm to dress up disappears. Or rather enthusiasm to make photos..

So, for now – more of the pictures of our family trips. Last weekend we went to PhantasiaLand. My husband’s company had a 10th anniversary, so everything was organized and we did not need to move a finger, except for travel to the actual location.

We stayed at a sort of Chinese hotel, next to the park.

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Styling online. Autumn colours


So, here are the two outfits I put together today. Stuff I would like to wear if I owned anything close to it. One outfit with Autumn layering against the cold weather and another one with a pop of colour against depressing weather πŸ™‚

Boho NativeUniversity Chic

Items to be put on my wishlist: checked jeans, lace up knee boots, knee length quirky print skirt.


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Camera bags


Since I got the new camera I am in a search for a nice bag for it. Not these ugly looking functional bags, but the ones that do look nice. After doing some research I guess I could only put it on Christmas wishlist and start saving, because they ain’t cheap…

So, dear Santa, here are my choices.

1. A lovely Kelly Moore bag.

2. The Chanel style quilted Emera bag.

3. Blue beauty from Jo Totes.

4. I also found this brand Jill-e, which is the only one that was available to purchase in Europe. How annoying is this, huh? Everything is on the other side of Atlantic (roll-eys out).

5. And last but not least – Epiphanie bag.

All pictures are taken from homepages (links above),Β  I do need to appologize for not too pretty collage…

I found some more interesting stuff, but they just weren’t to my taste (shootsac, which maybe functional, but I just didn’t like the looks, plus I own only one lens so far, so I do not have the need for such a thing, but maybe you out there, might find it great, plus I found some stuff on etsy here and here.).

Anyway, all of the bags on my list are accomodated with compartments for camera and accessories plus the storage for other cannot-survive-without things that girls tend to carry. I was really considering ordering one from Kelly Moore, but then I reconsidered, because I took into account custom duties and shipping costs that I would need to pay… So I just got this backpack for my husband, with which he is very happy πŸ™‚

Kata 3N1-10 Sling-Rucksack


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Catching up…lookbook


So, I was really lazy for the past two weeks, but well – I was kindda entiteled. And today I wanted to finally catch up with lookbook. I usually just scroll through all the posts until something catches my eye.

Today some outfits did get stuck and I would like to share them:

This is an outfit that I would definitely wear, because it feels really me πŸ˜€ The colour mixes, cute print and the sweet overall result really appeals to me.

And recently I have a thing for quirky patterned pants:

If I could only pull off the look by making the pants look like pants and not like pyjamas…I don’t think I would ever be able to do that to be frank.


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Wine tasting…


Yesterday our family and the family of our friends decided to have a little trip to a nearby town (about 50 km away). Turned out, it was wine tasting weekend there and it was swarming with people, plus the weather was really kind too.Β  We did not get much of wine to taste, except for this special type of wine, which one must drink within 8 days (we’ve got ourselves two bottles), oh well.
Anyway, outfit pics did not turn out too well, but we made some nice photos of a town and it’s surroundings. It is such a darn cute place. All the old town is within old city walls.

But since it was a bit too crowded, we got outside the walls after lunch and took a walk near vinyards and the river.

I am wearing: top – Aboriginal, capris(shorts?) – United Colours of Benetton, sandals – Oasis, bag – Roxy (from EBay), earrings – Asos, bangles – my standart set of bangles from Lithuania, Russia, India and Germany.

My earrings would always turn their pretty side away, so needed to hold them for the picture πŸ™‚ Nevermind the droopy expression.

Click for some non-outfit related pictures:

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Socks, wonderful socks


I am so glad that socks are making a comeback. I don’t own any black socks (well, maybe a one pair at most), but I never have the chance to show them off. But now… πŸ™‚ Socks were all over runways. FERY GOOD! (I will not explain this internal joke, I just use this phrase a lot.)

Prada Fall 2010 Twisted Front Wool Knee Socks Profile Photo

I love that the socks were showed off, but there is one but. I would never stuff my besocked feet into sandals or shoes because of one very simple reason – the shoes would stretch and when I would want to wear them without socks, they would have turned into overstretched uncomfortable to wear shoes. Since my budget does not stretch as the shoes might, I need to consider the practical side too. So, up until know the only option of fancy legs were tights. But I abandoned wearing fancy tights few years ago. (Now starting to pick up on this old habbit again)

Back in January I bought a pair of great shoe boots (or booties as I’ve read on the internets) from Shelly’s (they deserve a separate post). And now I can show off my socks, that were hiding in knee high boots and under jeans, too! In the above and below pictures you can see my collection (not full) of socks I own. I also ordered some colourful tights a few days back. My Autumn will not be moody, that’s for sure πŸ™‚

All of the socks (except for one pair) are of Lithuanian brandΒ  Skinija. I just love their designs and quality. Unfortunatelly their website is not too great, but I hope my photos speak for themselves. So if you have a chance to visit Lithuania, you should be able to find these socks in any supermarket.

The grey socks on top are over knee socks. I asked my friend to buy them and bring them from London (since we do not have Top Shop here and other over knee socks are really expensive – roll eyes out) when she would come to my wedding. They are awesome and already made a debut during the dinner after the wedding (not sure ifΒ  there are any outfit pictures, because I was not taking any pictures…but I am sure I will repeat the outfit).

I also looked up tights on the internets and rediscovered this brand of tights called Veneziana. I think it’s a Polish brand, judging by the domain pl :). I used to wear tights from them back in Lithuania. I remember I was not too facinated by the quality, but the design really compensated for this flaw.

And I was looking up leggings too and discovered this cute and wonderful brand called Pepper tree. I’ve never heard of them before, just found them on And now I am eyeing this pair of leggins πŸ˜€

So, recommendations for Autumn – colourful socks, tights or leggings and ankle boots to show them off! Enjoy!


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Outfit post. Posing in the garden.


We are trying to put our two remaining ferrets with a new company. Since we had a chance to go to the garden of the people who have our potential pets, I decided to try some posing where people cannot see me πŸ˜€ Turns out..I’m not that much of a poser… But I did manage to pick few photos out of the bunch of fail. Here goes.

Shirt – Zara, jeans – Esprit, belt – vintage, shoes – Bronx, earrings – gift from my cousin, bracelet – gift, watch – Casio.

Please nevermind the messy hair and focus on clothes πŸ™‚ I wanted a similar shirt for a while now, sort of a loos fit. I found it in Zara in Cologne last week. I love the role up sleeves and the dark blue colour. Will need to investigate how it looks with long sleeves though.

Jeans were aquired in Budapest. I was coming back to them until I found them on sale (and they were still too expensive, but I got them :D). I really love the cut of these jeans. Also the light denim and the percentage of elastane make them really perfect for summer. Definitely my favorite pair.

I got the belt from my moms closet. I’m glad she did not get rid of some oldies, because I found some real treasures when I was visiting back in May.

Shoes are quite old. I got them back in Lithuania around three years ago. A bit of a pain to look after them and after some time I see that I would prefer different heel instead of the wooden one. But they go really well with jeans (not so much with skirts) which cover the heel, so not a big deal then :).


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