Outfit post. New camera try outs.


Some days simply disappeared. Su much has happened in the last week, that after a calm day passes, you forget it ever existed. So, now that it happened, that we have a new camera (Nikon d3000), we needed to mark the occassion by taking it outside. Plus the weather was finally nice.

First the outfit, more try out results in the next post.

Jersey top – asos, jacket – Retro jeans, jeans – FLG jeans , belt and scarf – esprit, shoes – Converse(got last year in London), bag – Lacoste(from Ebay), earrings – gift from my cousin, vintage camera – Zorki 4K family heirloom.

A portrait picture, to check what our camera can do. I always liked the manual focus possibility, which I could not achieve with my point and shoot Lumix TZ3.

The whole outfit gives me a bit of 70s or early 80s feeling. I like. The top combination was already seen here. I wrote before, that I sort of repeat the same clothes, but now that I think about it, I do not want to show ALL NEW stuff on my blog. It is actually fun to wear same clothes differently. I like that the top combination goes well with a skirt as well as with jeans. So I think that I will continue on similar path. Because well, not everyone (including yours truly) can afford to have a vast wardrobe and show new clothes in every post (unless they do their posts rather rarely :)). So there, philosophy of my blog is starting to shape up.

I asked my dad to bring me his old camera. As a kid I always fiddled around with it and now I finally get to try it too 🙂 We bought 4 films and they are all 36 frames, which is kind of annoying – it will take some time to use up the film and see if anything good came out.

And here is mah man (mah husband! I should say). We both need time to adjust to the camera, it has so much functions, that we learn via trials and mistakes. This picture turned out a bit to bright, but I am  not one of those people who will NOT put crappy (depending on the point of view) pictures in public 😀 The important thing here is, that the oufit is visible, right?

Oufit: cap – Starter, pullover and cargo pants – H&M, shoes – converse, backpack – Campus.

And here is some more fiddling around. I kind of like this overexposure. Looks like a vintage photo. So there you go. Have a nice day.


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