Camera bags


Since I got the new camera I am in a search for a nice bag for it. Not these ugly looking functional bags, but the ones that do look nice. After doing some research I guess I could only put it on Christmas wishlist and start saving, because they ain’t cheap…

So, dear Santa, here are my choices.

1. A lovely Kelly Moore bag.

2. The Chanel style quilted Emera bag.

3. Blue beauty from Jo Totes.

4. I also found this brand Jill-e, which is the only one that was available to purchase in Europe. How annoying is this, huh? Everything is on the other side of Atlantic (roll-eys out).

5. And last but not least – Epiphanie bag.

All pictures are taken from homepages (links above),ย  I do need to appologize for not too pretty collage…

I found some more interesting stuff, but they just weren’t to my taste (shootsac, which maybe functional, but I just didn’t like the looks, plus I own only one lens so far, so I do not have the need for such a thing, but maybe you out there, might find it great, plus I found some stuff on etsy here and here.).

Anyway, all of the bags on my list are accomodated with compartments for camera and accessories plus the storage for other cannot-survive-without things that girls tend to carry. I was really considering ordering one from Kelly Moore, but then I reconsidered, because I took into account custom duties and shipping costs that I would need to pay… So I just got this backpack for my husband, with which he is very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Kata 3N1-10 Sling-Rucksack


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