Homemade sushi


My friend invited me over for homemade sushi. I am not a fan (raw fish is really not my thing), the only thing I do like about sushi is rice. But after today’s food tasting I might want to reconsider my views on sushi.

It turns out, it is quite a simple dish to make. Fans, please don’t kill me, I really am not concerned about the rules and what not, what is involved in real sushi making.

So, sushi roll itself was quite simple: some vinegar with sugar and salt poured onto cooked sushi rice. Rice put onto this sea weed leaf, the filling placed onto rice and everything pressed into a roll.

We used carrots, zucchini and avocado for filling.

For sauce we used chili, spring onion, lemon juice, wasabi and soya.

Sauce turned out nicely spicy ๐Ÿ™‚

And here is the result:

We cut rolls into thinner pieces than should normally be cut, but the thing is, we are not concerened with what is normal sushi here, are we? Andย  also it should be one bite thing. What I never understood is, IF it is a one bite food, then why are they cut in such huge pieces? So we did it our way.

p.s. I cannot find words on how much I am in love with my new camera ๐Ÿ˜€

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