Food again. Muffins and cake.


I was baking half of the day today…and it is not over yet. My husband (!)* asked me to bake some muffins and a cake for his colleagues, to celebrate our wedding.

Unfortunately I did not manage to make nice pictures of the process…I need an assistant 😀 Yesterdays sushi making was very easy to document, since I was doing none of the actual work involved in making sushi…To bake and take pictures is really a pain.

So here are some pictures. This is the cocoa and flour mix for the chocolate cake.

And here is the cake itself. Dunno what its problem is, but it always always cracks…oh well.

I baked two types of muffins – chocolate and with marzipan. Chocolate muffins will be covered with chocolate too, but all of that later 🙂

Some supposedly fancy arrangement.

And marzipan muffins.

I find all of the receipes on the internets, usually on Lithuanian food blogs. If anyone is interested, I can give links too 🙂 Let me know.


*I still write my husband with !, because it so new to me, I am not used to it yet 😀

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