Phantasia Land


So, the weather has gotten worse, and with the coming of gloomy Autumn weather enthusiasm to dress up disappears. Or rather enthusiasm to make photos..

So, for now – more of the pictures of our family trips. Last weekend we went to PhantasiaLand. My husband’s company had a 10th anniversary, so everything was organized and we did not need to move a finger, except for travel to the actual location.

We stayed at a sort of Chinese hotel, next to the park.

We had a really nice room, but by the time we started making pictures, we had already made a mess in our room due to unpacking, so no pictures of the room.

The park itself is really well made, I was really impressed by the amount of details.

We took a ride on a few rollercoasters.

Including one in total darkness 😀 It was really great, just in the beginning I was scared..But all you need is to keep breathing and forget the fear. I didn’t go on the really extreme rollercoaster, but my nutcase husband sat in the front row on Black Mumba… (below is a different rollercoaster, just fyi).

We also didn’t visit the mystery castle, it is this free fall tower. I am afraid of heights so.. 🙂 Ah, and I didn’t go on any water so called roller coasters. Because it was really chilly and I had no intention on catching pneumonia.

The park is a really great place to spend time with family and friends. There are plenty of nicely styled spaces.

Including replica of a street in Berlin.

We spent the whole day there.

We also went on a boat equiped with water cannons 🙂 You have to hit a target when passing by. We enjoyed it as little kids.

Here are some warning signs before the scary rides 🙂

When the park was closed, we came back there for the party. They even opened few rides under the roof for the event!

Hope to battle the bad mood soon and return to posting outfits. (No outfit post on the trip either, because I needed to keep it sporty and simple to manage the whole day walking around and standing in lines – chucks, jeans, hoodie and jacket..)


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