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Fashion Illustrations. Achraf Amiri.


I read an interview at qqueenofhearts. The interview itself didn’t pose that much of an interest to me, but I did take a look at the artist’s, who was being interviewed, blog. WAWAWEEWA! How awesome are those illustrations.

Ironic and so creepy…Just in time for Halloween.

Happy Halloween or just nice weekend if you don’t care 🙂


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Outfit post. New Shoes, baby!


I had a couple of friends visiting this weekend and while showing them around managed to make some pictures of my outfit.

Outfit: scarf and coat – Esprit, shoes – Asos, bag – Takko, tights – cannot remember. Not visible: skirt – Esprit, stripped sweater – Zara and t-shirt – New Yorker.

The shoes are…there are not words to describe. They are so beautiful, and the price I paid, makes them astonishing 😀 Original price was 110 pounds and I got them for 33! The heel is perfectly proportioned with the shape and they look great. AND they do not hurt my feet at all and are so comfortable. I walked around in them all day and evening(no band aids!). Even some accidental dancing happened. And all this didn’t result in any blisters. So…I’m in love.

Image 1 of ASOS TOTALLY Suede Premium Crepe Lace Up Boots

Originally there were two colours: the one above and another one, hm..copper would be the best to describe. I really liked them both, but decided, since I have knee boots of similar colour I will go for the colder one with contrasting shoe laces 🙂 But I think both pairs would have found their place in my wardrobe.

And here are more Autumn colours.

Hope you had a nice weekend as well. I still need rest 😀


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Outfit post. Blue scarf, long boots.


The name of the post sounds a bit like pirate names…I need an eye patch. The outfit itself is not at all piraty, but rather elegant.

Outfit: coat and jeggings – Esprit, scarf – from India, shoes – Bronx.

Camera accumulator died on us so there were only three pictures and only one showable. So there you go.

I can’t remember which top I wore…but oh well.

The shoes were aquired back in Lithuania like…3 years ago…I’m not sure. But they are really great. Thick heel makes them rather comfortable to walk, in, decorative belts or however those things are called add kind of a rock’n’roll touch and the colour adds a nice pop to  dark outfit, which is almost always the case this time of year, since I own only this one coat for current temperatures. Sadly, this is also the only wool scarf I own, so for outfits I can only work with my bottom…(yes I do realize how it sounds :D), that is – legs, since the top is a constant. Ergo – funky footwear and/or tights (p.s. I love how jeggings are so easy to stuff into knee boots).

I am hoping to snap some outfit pictures this weekend if the weather allows, since we plan a lot of outdoor activities.


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Wall tatoos


Soh..These wall tatoos have been popping up from the internets and into my field of vision since Spring, I believe. What a simple idea to renew your apartment, eh? No painting or other redecoration fuss. Just stick the thing on the wall and you’re done.

I looked up this stuff on amazon and ebay, but most of it was rather boring and totally not to my taste. So I turned to etsy to find some examples from crafty people and share the things that I would gladly stick onto the walls of my apartment.

Well this is just beyond sweet and cute. My husband and I am considering of getting ourselves some old phone, so these birdies would really help a retro thing look in place in the apartment.

Love Birds Wall Art Decal Vinyl Sticker Home Decor Wallpaper

Some more birdies, this time on a wire. I think I would stick them above the window.

Vinyl wall art decals -- Birds on a Wire Wall Decal -- Inspiring Designs by Surface Inspired

And some caged birdies. I think they would look good on the wall above the desk.

Birdcage Vinyl Wall Art Decal One Gets Away Grouping

I would maybe choose some other colour, something bright. Would be really awesome if this sticker would cover the entire wall, not just the space above the couch.

Dot Matrix World Map, Large - Vinyl Wall Art

Here are a couple of forest designs…with more birds (aparently I have a thing for birds and plants…). Awesome, no?

Vinyl Wall Art Decal -- Birch Forest Decals

I think these in a bit smaller size would look cool in the corridor.

Vinyl Wall Art Stickers---FALL TREE---Home Decor Murals Vinyl Decals Tattoos

And these are really nice ideas to put up those lose photos, that I just cannot force myself to frame (chosing frames is such a pain and I always go, yeah yeah – next time)…

Picture and Photo Frame Layout Decal - Photo Love - Vinyl Wall Sticker

Vintage Photo Frames - Vinyl Wall Sticker

And now my favourites. Little touches next to the couch or maybe in some unexpected space like bathroom maybe? Or kitchen?

Dandelions- Personlized Interior Wall Vinyl Decal, Graphic, Sticker, Art

And this is my absolute favourite. Not just the sticker, but the whole presentation with the blue wall and this sort of 70s chair and lamp thing. Perfect!

Removable Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art -Dandelions -  017

If you’re interested in changing something in your home, but could not be bothered with big things, then open up etsy and look up “vinyl”, you’ll get A LOT of results for the wall tatoos.


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Couple of bloggers wrote posts about why people do personal style blogging. So it got me thinking while writting comments and there will be a lot of random thoughts about the same topic: why do people blog about their personal style and why it is needed.

In the posts questions like – is it for fame or fortune? Is it ego, seeking acceptance? were raised. Some of it is true in my opinion, but there are also other things to it too.

Before I answer I would like to start from the beginning – why I got interested in fashion in general.

One day I was sitting at the office and started googling the word fashion. I stumbled accross The Sartorialist…then I found some website with the list of fashion blogs and this is how I found Sea of Shoes, the Glamourai and many more. And I thought to myself – wow, this is so cool, awesome idea. And it is not only high end designer stuff, but chain store clothing, second hand, inherited, self made clothing etc. People’s pictures are being taken simply on the street, because they look interesting. People actually write what, where and why they wear certain clothes. I always thought of myself as a good judge of taste, but after flipping through blogs I realized that I actually do not show it. No one can see what I see.

Why do I not let this ability to see beauty in something non conventional (or should I say non conservative) show? I never had money for clothes and because of my über chaotic nature and need for pretty things I always had a very random wardrobe (only now it starts to get into some sort of shape)..I would buy something when I had money(which was seldom), but I couldn’t wear that piece, because it didn’t go with anything – neither my clothing, nor occassion (I mean who would wear something sparkly to 8:30 lecture in the university, I thought to myself at that time)…So I would end up again wearing jeans and t shirts or shirts and having a stack of clothes I couldn’t wear.

So, years later, this is why I started my own blog – to force myself out of this comfort zone. Document my life through pictures. See myself from another perspective. Find the style that I like best. (And in about 5 years go and say – OMG, I WORE THIS? Hell no! :D) And if anyone will like my blog – even better. Isn’t it great when someone else not only you appreciates what you do?

And now about the name of the post and getting back to the name of the post. Acceptance is the thing I learned from fashion. It’s some sort of a side effect of being exposed to it. I used to frown when I saw someone wearing something unconventional. I think because I was born in USSR, where you were not supposed to be different and also because of general conservativness of my little home town and Lithuanians as a nation in general. Someone looking differently was always the object of gossip. (I hate gossip.) And even now you can avoid that only if you wear exact same stuff as everyone else or so called normal clothes(there are a lot of people who refer to clothes in categories as normal and strange) – conservative stuff, which is accepted by default. It is annoying, because when you wear something different – people stare..and I hate when people stare (my feet do not communicate with my brain then and I am paranoid that I will fall). You know, there are a lot of things that I would not wear, but why should it bother me, that someone else is wearing this?

After watching runway pictures, reading blogs there are very few things that I cannot accept. Now instead of going OMG what is that person wearing, I try to take a closer look and see, before I judge (it usually happens when I see people wearing crocs in the middle of the town or ripped tights). And you know what…judgment does not seem to pop up that often anymore. You learn to get rid of negativity. And this works not just for clothes, but in general for accepting things of any kind. So, you can say that fashion is actually some sort of therapy too.

Most of the blogs I read are written by hm..everyday people. They do not do this to show off, or at least I never got the vibe of showing off. It is so easy to relate to them, because they are written by a person, you see in the pictures. It does not feel artificial. And to get inspiration from a real person and not some glammed up magazine is really something. You know that you actually could pull the outfit off, since this person in the pictures taken with the help of the tripod can, and also – you could actually afford it!

The only thing I am afraid of now is that a lot of them blogs are turning into marketing tools. Established bloggers are getting free stuff from companies, organizing give aways, have sponsors, and well…make a living out of it. Which is quite cool. Doing what you love and getting paid…who doesn’t want that, eh? But with this it seems that personality starts to give way to marketing. I hope I am wrong.

So there you go. Fashion gives you perspective not just on fashion itself. So, let’s just all be less judgmental and accept each other.


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Outfit post. Grey on Grey and Jeans.


It was a totally lazy Sunday. On Saturday we did quite a lot of cleaning in the house (including getting rid of expired food and defrosting the fridge…ick…), so on Sunday we just watched Battlestar Galactica and were lazy for the most part of the day).

Outfit corresponds to my mood, which is – “I just couldn’t be bothered…”

I put on my current favourite grey jersey top over my husband’s t-shirt, put on jeans, converse and a snugly long cardigan instead of a jacket.

Oufit: top – ASOS, t-shirt – fruit of the loom, jeans – Esprit, shoes – Converse, cardigan – Only, earrings – from the fair in Vilnius.


Closer look at earrings. They are supposedly made of Venecian glass…

Signature “bye bye feet” shot. And evidence of Autumn.

Confused plant.


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Outfit post. Yellow and Navy


Even though the weather is still spoiling us with warmth and sun, I just need to start wearing Autumn clothes. I hate being in between – either Summer or Autumn.

Anyway. I stocked up on colourful tights from asos and this is the second outing for these particular ones.

Since it was too warm for booties and I really really wanted to wear coloured tights, I went for pairing them with sandals. I don’t remember ever wearing tights together with sandals…to me it always seemed such a violation of rules of good taste… I sure am glad I started reading fashion blogs. I learned to appreciate a lot of things I somehow could not accept before.

Outfit: top – Zara, skirt – s.Oliver, tights – ASOS, sandals – Clarks, coat – Etam, scarf – Soaked in Luxury, bag – Mango, butterfly pendant – from mom.

The outfit began with tights and other parts just came together instantly. But they were all dark. I needed something bright. I think the result turned out pretty well – yellow works great and I was really feeling the oufit.

And I think my photographer is really starting to get a grip on what kind of pictures I want to have.

And here is the full outfit. The only thing that was lacking IMHO (and according to my husband as well) – some shoe clips to brighten up the lower part of the whole outfit. I discovered some really nice examples, but I gave oath to myself not buy anything anymore at least until Christmas. But maybe I’ll do the post on them.

The scarf has a story behind it. I bought it at the Copenhagen airport while waiting for the transfer and I was really in love with it. I wore it with everything, everywhere. But then I went to Limp Bizkit concert and lost the scarf…  I was really upset, but I was lucky to travel again through Copenhagen  a couple of weeks later and they still had a couple left! I had a short transfer so I had to run to the store…Good thing it was on my way 😀

And here are some Autumn colours from our littlo town.

Enjoy the Autumn!


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Shirt dress and ankle booties


So, I’ve finally got a chance to debut my ankle boots on the blog. They are awesome and I wear them with everything – skirts, jeans, shorts you name it. The annoying part is that they have a cut out part on the side, so when wearing pants or leggings I have to dig well to find proper nylon socks to wear with the shoes (as I mention in a post about socks – I don’t own any black ones). With skirts and shorts – totally different story. Colourful tights and socks spice up outfits perfectly!

Outfit: top – H&M, shirt dress – Sisley, leggings – Esprit, parka – Asos pac-a-parka, ankle booties – Ashley London.

The dress itself is a bit weirdish. It is not cut as normal shirt dress, but it has a rather bubbly butt area..and a clip button to button on the side, which makes it shorter and assimetrycal.

In summer I wear this dress with flat sandals or ballerina flats.

And here are the shoes, wonderful shoes. Sigh…When I was trying them out back in February (or March), a lot of small stones got stuck in the sole 😦 This is how Germans save themselves from falling on slippery snow…by throwing lots of small stones on the pavement. My poor shoes…

This turned out quite nicely.

Much to learn in the posing area…

I have no idea how those personal style bloggers do it with taking pictures in the streets. Especially with the tripod. Good thing I have a photographer…Easier to handle all the staring :).


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S2011 RTW Favourites (III). Alberta Ferretti


3 comes after 4, when you forget to publish drafts… So, S2011 RTW Favourites III!
First a bit of bitching and then some enjoying of nice pictures. The only thing that distracted my eye from this wonderfull collection, was dressing models in coats…It kind of put everything out of balance..Was not such a good stylistic decission, but oh well.

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

The colours actually remind me of Autumn rather than Spring. But oh the lightness of the sheer (new trend?) flowy fabric, and lace and floppy hats, and the pretty footwear…Let’s just enjoy:
Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear


p.s. all pictures are from

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