Shirt dress and ankle booties


So, I’ve finally got a chance to debut my ankle boots on the blog. They are awesome and I wear them with everything – skirts, jeans, shorts you name it. The annoying part is that they have a cut out part on the side, so when wearing pants or leggings I have to dig well to find proper nylon socks to wear with the shoes (as I mention in a post about socks – I don’t own any black ones). With skirts and shorts – totally different story. Colourful tights and socks spice up outfits perfectly!

Outfit: top – H&M, shirt dress – Sisley, leggings – Esprit, parka – Asos pac-a-parka, ankle booties – Ashley London.

The dress itself is a bit weirdish. It is not cut as normal shirt dress, but it has a rather bubbly butt area..and a clip button to button on the side, which makes it shorter and assimetrycal.

In summer I wear this dress with flat sandals or ballerina flats.

And here are the shoes, wonderful shoes. Sigh…When I was trying them out back in February (or March), a lot of small stones got stuck in the sole 😦 This is how Germans save themselves from falling on slippery snow…by throwing lots of small stones on the pavement. My poor shoes…

This turned out quite nicely.

Much to learn in the posing area…

I have no idea how those personal style bloggers do it with taking pictures in the streets. Especially with the tripod. Good thing I have a photographer…Easier to handle all the staring :).


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