Outfit post. Grey on Grey and Jeans.


It was a totally lazy Sunday. On Saturday we did quite a lot of cleaning in the house (including getting rid of expired food and defrosting the fridge…ick…), so on Sunday we just watched Battlestar Galactica and were lazy for the most part of the day).

Outfit corresponds to my mood, which is – “I just couldn’t be bothered…”

I put on my current favourite grey jersey top over my husband’s t-shirt, put on jeans, converse and a snugly long cardigan instead of a jacket.

Oufit: top – ASOS, t-shirt – fruit of the loom, jeans – Esprit, shoes – Converse, cardigan – Only, earrings – from the fair in Vilnius.


Closer look at earrings. They are supposedly made of Venecian glass…

Signature “bye bye feet” shot. And evidence of Autumn.

Confused plant.


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  1. I love that sweater thing so much, I once had something similar and always felt so awesome wearing it because it felt like wearing a really long cape to me for some reason and I felt so powerful and might while I was entirely dressed in something awesomely comfy. I also love those fluffy balls, I want to touch them and rub them all over my face and feel their gorgeous softness.

    p.s. you are so right about the personal aspect of style blogging, I dunno why but I forgot how important it can feel to see people different from the standard rigid beauty ideal from on the catwalks and so on… Blogging and documenting what I wore and coincidentally how my body looked for so long (6 years whoa) certainly helped me more than I could ever imagine in accepting my body. It’s a shame that so girls are struggling with their looks and the importance society lays on it so badly, but ti’s a fact and something needs to be done about it. If it only sticks to the platform of blogging and nothing more (although it’s a lot sometimes, but I just kinda wish it was more democratic and seen by the average not-so-internet-fanatic person) than so be it.

    • thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the sweater too ๐Ÿ™‚ Just it’s a pitty that the yarn is synthetic…I would prefer wool or cotton.

      I have another blog, which is like my diary and I have a lot of fun when I read it once in a while and through it I can see see how I changed during those years and what happened and how I was influenced by it. And I hope this blog will contribute to documentation of my life and through this experience it will help me see myself clearer.

      There are so many blogs out there, which are written by simple girls, that you can see every day anywhere, and it shows that this world is not just about this indoctrinated image of beauty. There are actual people who you can relate to. This is why I love personal style blogs, because you see how people are in real life and it helps me accept myself bit by bit, because I see how these other bloggers are accepted by their commenters, even though those bloggers are not from the covers of magazines.

      I also came to the conclusion that the problem nowadays – why so many regular people question themselves – is the acceptance. We are shown everyday how everything is so easy for pretty people and how ‘unpretty’ people always have to prove themselves before (and if) they get accepted. But throught these personal style blogs I realized and started accepting so many things in life. And believe it or not, but runway shows also helped me raise my tollerance and acceptance level a lot too. You look at weirdest outfits and you see beauty. And I show something like this to my friends and they just frown…:D

      It would be awesome to manage to bring this message to the world – acceptance. Beauty will save the world, as we say in Lithuania. But the concept or definition of beauty should be much broader. And I hope that internet will help spread this, beause we are no longer forced to learn about fashion, just by seeing what commercial media gives us.

      Whoa, that’s a long comment. Hope you managed to read it ๐Ÿ˜€

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