Wall tatoos


Soh..These wall tatoos have been popping up from the internets and into my field of vision since Spring, I believe. What a simple idea to renew your apartment, eh? No painting or other redecoration fuss. Just stick the thing on the wall and you’re done.

I looked up this stuff on amazon and ebay, but most of it was rather boring and totally not to my taste. So I turned to etsy to find some examples from crafty people and share the things that I would gladly stick onto the walls of my apartment.

Well this is just beyond sweet and cute. My husband and I am considering of getting ourselves some old phone, so these birdies would really help a retro thing look in place in the apartment.

Love Birds Wall Art Decal Vinyl Sticker Home Decor Wallpaper

Some more birdies, this time on a wire. I think I would stick them above the window.

Vinyl wall art decals -- Birds on a Wire Wall Decal -- Inspiring Designs by Surface Inspired

And some caged birdies. I think they would look good on the wall above the desk.

Birdcage Vinyl Wall Art Decal One Gets Away Grouping

I would maybe choose some other colour, something bright. Would be really awesome if this sticker would cover the entire wall, not just the space above the couch.

Dot Matrix World Map, Large - Vinyl Wall Art

Here are a couple of forest designs…with more birds (aparently I have a thing for birds and plants…). Awesome, no?

Vinyl Wall Art Decal -- Birch Forest Decals

I think these in a bit smaller size would look cool in the corridor.

Vinyl Wall Art Stickers---FALL TREE---Home Decor Murals Vinyl Decals Tattoos

And these are really nice ideas to put up those lose photos, that I just cannot force myself to frame (chosing frames is such a pain and I always go, yeah yeah – next time)…

Picture and Photo Frame Layout Decal - Photo Love - Vinyl Wall Sticker

Vintage Photo Frames - Vinyl Wall Sticker

And now my favourites. Little touches next to the couch or maybe in some unexpected space like bathroom maybe? Or kitchen?

Dandelions- Personlized Interior Wall Vinyl Decal, Graphic, Sticker, Art

And this is my absolute favourite. Not just the sticker, but the whole presentation with the blue wall and this sort of 70s chair and lamp thing. Perfect!

Removable Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art -Dandelions -  017

If you’re interested in changing something in your home, but could not be bothered with big things, then open up etsy and look up “vinyl”, you’ll get A LOT of results for the wall tatoos.


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