About Sea of Shoes fashion art contest.


Jane from Sea of Shoes recently held a fashion art contest. There is also a dedicated flickr gallery.
Wow, there are so many creative people… I wish I could at least draw…

Anyway, I picked some of the pictures that I for one or the other reason liked more, but in general – the whole gallery is pretty cool. (p.s. where it was not written on the picture, I indicated under, who’s design was being interpreted.)

(Alexander McQueen)


There were even couple of entries from Lithuanian girls! Go Lithuania!


Here are a couple of not exactly drawn fashion art πŸ˜€


(Tsumori Chisato. With this desiner’s work I am totally not familiar, but looks pretty cool.)


This is the bestest interpretation of Prada collection Spring 2011 collection, IMHO.

And this one really reminded me of my childhood, when all of the girls in the yard had paper dolls and would dress them with paper clothes and stuff πŸ˜€ Sigh.


Sorry for the pictures, but I cannot edit their size to fit properly…


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