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I have nothing to wear (?)


Standard issue, eh? I am experiencing a bit of a problem with my wardrobe.

Firs of all, the story. You see, couple of years back I went to India, and there I did not eat meat and had almost no sweets for a month. Not by choice thought, the facility, where I had the course, provided only vegetarian lunch and my colleagues and I were quite paranoid about hygiene in general, so didn’t eat much  elsewhere as well. So I kindda lost some weight. After coming back I lavished on heavy Lithuanian food and chocolate. Then I decided to do some sports (would go two, sometimes three times a week to aerobics and/or yoga), but after few months I had to abruptly end my work outs due to work stuff (I had to go abroad for a project). So you know the weight came back in no time plus brought additional friends with them too. Soon most of my clothes became extremely uncomfortable.

After some time, I accepted that no much I can do about it (since I like the food and have no will power to go to the gym at least 3 times a week). So I got rid of the old stuff and started buying a bit bigger clothes, because what’s the point to keep something that doesn’t fit you at all. Big mistake.

I lost the excess weight about a year after I got rid of my smaller clothes and then I got stuck with the bunch of clothes that were mostly too big…so I needed to restock my closet with clothes that fit again. Roll eyes out. So now I am in the process of reshaping my wardrobe – mostly basics, you know – no fun stuff.

Lemme tell you, getting rid of clothes – never a good idea (unless they have holes in them or they have been washed so many times, that they are transparent). Regardless of the weight fluctuations 😀 I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of some things which I would gladly wear now..Sigh. For example this year I started wearing a sweater, which I had for about 10 years!..and it was resting comfortably in my closet for the last 4 years for sure. The things you rediscover, right? And now I do not have much to rediscover, because I just simply gave my clothes away…

I mean, let’s not become those people who cannot move freely in their own apartment, because of the old junk that they have stockpiled, but after sorting the clothes, why not just put the currently unnecessary stuff in boxes for the time being.

Anyway. Since I am currently out of work, I cannot really afford a lot of new things. So today I forced myself to take ALL the clothes and shoes out of the closet and put together some outfits, I’ve never worn before. Was quite refreshing, I must say. The jeans I was considering getting rid of, will be saved for sure and I do have clothes that I want to wear after all 🙂 No getting rid of clothes anymore! I like too many different things, I am not a fan of one particular style, so my wardrobe is so random, that sometimes it IS challenging to put outfits together, so this is another reason for keeping old clothes – more outfit possibilities. Just need to manage not to forget the clothes in the back of the closet or buried deep in boxes.

I did take pictures of the mess, but they are not suitable for public viewing. I keep them in a folder labeled Closet, where such creepy-crappy photos with outfit ideas belong 🙂 This helps me keep track of the things I own as well.

So there, I finally spawned this post, which was being developed for a couple of months now…not my best work, but I just had to get it out. That is probably how pregnant ladies feel, when they are late with the birth 🙂


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Shoe challenge


So, my dear imaginary readers. I decided to take on a challenge to wear (and document) all the shoes I own during the period of one year, starting Valentine’s day.

It is a spin off of the original challenge, but now not only the Shoeperwoman will try to repeat her last year’s success, but she’s calling all forces to join her in the next challenge as well.

You can all participate even if you do not have a blog. More on the rules here.

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Chloé 2011 PreFall.


I intended to post looks that I liked best from different collections. I was not too successful, because the amount of collections is a bit overwhelming and maximalist that I am, I wanted to flip through everything…Look how well that turned out. Also, I tried to keep myself away from fashion world nowadays, because I am afraid to get sucked into it too much. First of all, it always affects my shopping needs and since I do not have a job (hence the money) it is a torture of a sort.

Second of all, I feel guilty sitting and reading the fashion stuff, because for a hobby it takes too much time and I do not get much of other stuff done, so then sitting and writing something in my blog, seems even more unreasonable, since I already spend so much time on reading. But I decided to try again, get back on that horse.

So, this will be the test of my will power now. I will try to continue with the looks starting again today 🙂 First of all Chloé.

Everything is so beautiful and the 70s vibe, oh my.

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

I love how the boots continue under the skirt and there is no bare leg visible. It is not just pretty it is so practical and warm 😀 I am not sure if I would be able to pull of overknee boots (the trend that’s been around for quite a while as well, for example here or here) with a bit shorter skirts, so I am glad that Chloé way of hiding knee boots under the skirt seems doable and because of that – really appealing to me. I already have an outfit in mind.

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

I noticed that I started to lean towards a more ‘grown up’ style lately. But in real life it would be strange to wear such clothes. I love blazers or jackets, or tailored pants, but since I am not currently working, it would be really weird to wear something like this for grocery shopping or doctor’s appointment. Would feel out of place and overdressed somehow. Another thing I do not understand is, why would someone wear sandals (while being bare legged) and a warm woolen cape at the same time. Stylistically it looks really really good, but I am talking real life now. What my mom really implanted in my head is  – stay warm (no open neck when it is chilly, warm socks, tights, pants, layers of sweaters etc.) and I do agree with it 🙂

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

Another thing that bothers me is the come back of wide leg trousers. I absolutely LOVE this style and few years back I even bought a pair of jeans similar to these, but…my butt ceases to exist in such pants for some reason(the flatness is amazing, really) and the only thing left is disproportionately big thighs… Anyway, I gave the pants away, even though I wish I could wear them…

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

And here are a couple of black outfits that I liked too. Not much to say about them, they are simply nice 🙂

All in all – I really liked it, even though I have my own issues with certain styling approach or how certain pieces would look on me 😀 The  longer skirts, boots and skirts combination, the colors and of course – the bags. In other words – beautiful.

p.s. pictures are from

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I didn’t have proper conditions to take pictures of this outfit, when I was wearing it (what a surprise…). Just before New Year my husband and I went to see ‘Grease’ (the clothes were awesome 😀 performance…not so much). Light in the evening was, of course, crappy, so I thought to myself – next time…

Today while laying in bed I finally realized, that there actually IS a spot at home, that I could use for taking pictures, just need to move some stuff around, but… It is a plain white wall and my camera very stubbornly refused to focus automatically…my visions is worse than  my camera’s so my manual focus magic didn’t turn out too well either…There were more outfits from this infamous photo shoot, but everything is blurry, in other words – total embarrassment… Not that this isn’t, but I am just sick of not having posted any outfits in a while because of the quality of the pictures. So, the point is to document what I wear, evaluate and evolve, right? 🙂 In other words – no matter how lame the pictures are, at least these have to reach the world out there.

Outfit is not exactly complete – no make up unfortunately, but I got so annoyed adjusting the camera, that I could not be bothered putting more effort into something that is usually not very important for me (or was…as of Christmas I expanded my make up kit and it is not limited anymore to just mascara). Also, I was wearing a black long sleeved top under the dress, so I would not get cold.

Outfit: dress – Promod, belt – vintage from my mom, boots – Bronx, tights – Asos, ring – something from Disney collection, cannot remember the brand, earrings – from India.

I just love this trend, that’s been around for quite a long while now – BELTING! FTW! I think it is a really nice way to add that something to the outfit. I am not very good at it…yet 😀 This is the only outfit so far that I can pull off (except for belts in jeans, which are more of a necessity rather than a fashion choice).

The ring was a birthday gift from my friends (from my wish list), it is from Alice in Wonderland collection or smth :). Follow the white rabbit (Matrix alert!…dear lord…my mind just cannot stick to one thing at a time, can it?). Continuing a short acquisition story – I bought the dress back in 2008, when I worked in Budapest. Quite nice to have things from all over the world in my closet 🙂 It is not just about fashion or style, but also – about memories 🙂 And this dress did enjoy Budapest 😀



p.s. note to self – get a remote control for the camera.

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Outfit Post. Winter Uniform


As I wrote in a previous post – winter is a dormant time for me. Plus I like to feel comfortable in my clothes. Which means – I want to be warm and able to walk. I own only one winter jacket and two pairs of shoes for winter. The infamous UGGs and a pair of The North Face boots (I got them for the trip to the mountains).

Outfit: Boots – UGG Knightsbridge, pants – GAP corduroy (got them on sale online), jacket – United Colours of Benetton cold weather down jacket, headband – ASOS, gloves – can’t remember the brand..from amazon, bag – Keen (can wear it inside out as well), earrings – from the fair in Lithuania.

So, whether I want it or not, my winter outfits turn into a day to day uniform. It IS annoying, but I’d rather be warm than lose my toes or bitch about the cold. I mean how can girls wear peep toe boots, when there’s snow outside?!

I found corduroy pants on sale just before Christmas and without too much thinking I ordered them (gift for myself :D). Now I will tell you why. Because they are frickin’ warm. Jeans always attract cold and no matter how much I love denim, but  I think corduroy or wool is THE way to go in winter.

Now I will tell you why I am pro UGGs. I think it is ridiculous to try and stay ‘true to your style’ blah blah blah during winter, if you know winter the way I do.

It is simply too cold. I want my shoes to have fur inside. For some reason most of the winter boots are not lined with fur, they just have fur in the shaft…I mean…Have the manufacturers seen snow or walked in the temperatures below 0 degrees? What the hell?

I do not want to wear heels while walking in the snow or on ice. I man I would love to, but this is the time of year I sacrifice everything for comfort.  And during this season you cannot simply change into ballet flats, once you are tired of heels, you know.

Another thing, winter boots are very expensive, so I cannot afford to have many pairs..yet 😀 So, the reasonable thing is to invest into really warm good pair of boots.

Prices for UGGs are a bit ridiculous, but I found mine on Ebay at relatively reasonable price last Winter. I am wearing them for the second season now and they do their job well. My feet are warm, I do not need to put on ten pairs of socks 🙂 And they look pretty nice.

I love that shoes of this model have the zipper in the back, it is so much more convenient to put them on, also tuck pants in.

There are few down sides – first of all – the sole – I was paranoid that it will wear off quite soon, but so far – it is holding more or less OK. The bigger problem now is – the little stones on the streets, that are used on ice and snow, instead of sand. They stick into the soft sole…but so far so good. Another thing – if it is wet outside (melting snow and stuff), I do not wear them – this kind of leather (suede) doesn’t like water. It is better to buy boots of simple leather, not inside out one 🙂

But anyway, if you can afford good warm winter boots – go for it! And UGGs are a good choice, IMHO. I just think, that UGGs look a bit weird, when worn during warm season, e.g. with shorts and t-shirts…but who am I to judge.

I wore this outfit on our day trip to the town of Aachen. And here is what I was wearing under – (not visible Pull and Bear navy button down shirt) Asos jersey top and a guitar thing on a chain 🙂

And here is an example pharmacy fashion in the above mentioned town:


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Lazy Afternoons


I am in a total winter mode. I’ve started quite a few blog posts, but didn’t finish and they just mock me by being on the list…But I just feel like this:

The only thing I am good for these days is cooking and sitting on the couch with the computer on my lap. Of course, I had a mandatory before-New-Year-clean up. I threw out so much crap and it felt really relieving, but…My mind wandered back to the post about cleaning out the closet oO. Sigh..Maybe I’ll get to it soon. In the mean time, enjoy pictures of donuts:

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