Outfit Post. Winter Uniform


As I wrote in a previous post – winter is a dormant time for me. Plus I like to feel comfortable in my clothes. Which means – I want to be warm and able to walk. I own only one winter jacket and two pairs of shoes for winter. The infamous UGGs and a pair of The North Face boots (I got them for the trip to the mountains).

Outfit: Boots – UGG Knightsbridge, pants – GAP corduroy (got them on sale online), jacket – United Colours of Benetton cold weather down jacket, headband – ASOS, gloves – can’t remember the brand..from amazon, bag – Keen (can wear it inside out as well), earrings – from the fair in Lithuania.

So, whether I want it or not, my winter outfits turn into a day to day uniform. It IS annoying, but I’d rather be warm than lose my toes or bitch about the cold. I mean how can girls wear peep toe boots, when there’s snow outside?!

I found corduroy pants on sale just before Christmas and without too much thinking I ordered them (gift for myself :D). Now I will tell you why. Because they are frickin’ warm. Jeans always attract cold and no matter how much I love denim, but  I think corduroy or wool is THE way to go in winter.

Now I will tell you why I am pro UGGs. I think it is ridiculous to try and stay ‘true to your style’ blah blah blah during winter, if you know winter the way I do.

It is simply too cold. I want my shoes to have fur inside. For some reason most of the winter boots are not lined with fur, they just have fur in the shaft…I mean…Have the manufacturers seen snow or walked in the temperatures below 0 degrees? What the hell?

I do not want to wear heels while walking in the snow or on ice. I man I would love to, but this is the time of year I sacrifice everything for comfort.  And during this season you cannot simply change into ballet flats, once you are tired of heels, you know.

Another thing, winter boots are very expensive, so I cannot afford to have many pairs..yet 😀 So, the reasonable thing is to invest into really warm good pair of boots.

Prices for UGGs are a bit ridiculous, but I found mine on Ebay at relatively reasonable price last Winter. I am wearing them for the second season now and they do their job well. My feet are warm, I do not need to put on ten pairs of socks 🙂 And they look pretty nice.

I love that shoes of this model have the zipper in the back, it is so much more convenient to put them on, also tuck pants in.

There are few down sides – first of all – the sole – I was paranoid that it will wear off quite soon, but so far – it is holding more or less OK. The bigger problem now is – the little stones on the streets, that are used on ice and snow, instead of sand. They stick into the soft sole…but so far so good. Another thing – if it is wet outside (melting snow and stuff), I do not wear them – this kind of leather (suede) doesn’t like water. It is better to buy boots of simple leather, not inside out one 🙂

But anyway, if you can afford good warm winter boots – go for it! And UGGs are a good choice, IMHO. I just think, that UGGs look a bit weird, when worn during warm season, e.g. with shorts and t-shirts…but who am I to judge.

I wore this outfit on our day trip to the town of Aachen. And here is what I was wearing under – (not visible Pull and Bear navy button down shirt) Asos jersey top and a guitar thing on a chain 🙂

And here is an example pharmacy fashion in the above mentioned town:


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