Shoe challenge


So, my dear imaginary readers. I decided to take on a challenge to wear (and document) all the shoes I own during the period of one year, starting Valentine’s day.

It is a spin off of the original challenge, but now not only the Shoeperwoman will try to repeat her last year’s success, but she’s calling all forces to join her in the next challenge as well.

You can all participate even if you do not have a blog. More on the rules here.

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    • na as irgi ne 50 ir ne 100 turiu 😀 Bet esme ta, kad ne visus, kuriuos turiu nesioju, didziausia problema visokie ofisiniai, kuriu siaip nenesioju, tai va ir bus issukis. Be to, reikia ir nusifotkinti prisiruosti, visa ka 🙂

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