Young and Posh


Glamour magazine gathered a bunch of awesome personal style bloggers in their Young and Posh network, including some of my favorites 😀 We’ll see the outcome, but I’m sure, that those 17 will not fail.

I will be sure to check other blogs which are not on my Google reader, but I think that Glamourai and Sea of Shoes alone give me the idea on what I will find. For me their blogs are like a fashion magazines – great photos, great styling. Style Bubble is also one of my favorites, her blog represents to me a real fashion writer and her outfits are just so cool. I also enjoy sweet blogs of bit more girly fashion (or I should rather say – the clothes that I would gladly wear and not just look at and gush): The Cherry Blossom Girl and Cupcakes and Cashmere.

There are a couple of others on the list that I didn’t like as much and eventually unsubscribed, but everyone is different. Pick and judge for yourself.

Anyway – enjoy. (I’m sure you will.)


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