My Challenge in Shoe Challenge


I flipped through the collections of the shoes that ladies already submitted to the Shoe Challenge. It is interesting to analyze, what women wear and how their shoe collections are shaped. Is it mostly pumps, colourful shoes or a bunch of flats. Everyone’s personality and preferences are visible. Nosy me 🙂

Here are my shoes. 21 pairs in total (minus running shoes, flip flops and similar non footwear and of course my wedding shoes).

Quite a mess frankly. I still have doubts about a few pairs, but if I do not squeeze them through the challenge, will not be much of an issue to get rid of them anyway. My Grandma and Mom always appreciate my hand-me-downs.

I noticed that many participants have quite a huge amount of shoes…My collection looks quite pathetic in comparison. But my challenge will be not just wear the shoes during that one year. I am facing another issues – I have several pairs of shoes which served only one purpose – office wear. So there are two options: either I start to act my age and wear more serious shoes while grocery shopping or hope for a job offer which will make my life (and that of my husband’s) easier in SOOOOOOOOooo many ways 😀


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