Mean Barbie


As a kid I had only a knock-off Barbie. Some Chinese falling-apart plastic body with a pretty real Barbie head. I loved it. It was the prettiest fake Barbie in the whole yard. (Not as fancy as the one below, but that didn’t matter.)

BARBIE® I CAN BE…™ Pet Vet -

I got my first real Barbie as I turned 19 or 20…I cannot remember exactly. My best friends gave it for my birthday. It resides at my parent’s place if my niece hasn’t discovered her yet and tore her apart, as kids love to do with all the things in general. Anyway…as a kid I never saw what is now seen in this doll – disproportionate, unnatural looking body. It simply was the doll of my dreams. I didn’t overanalyze back in the day. You know – childhood and all.

Few days ago I came across this awesome photo shoot browsing through

The dark side of Barbie 😀 A bit disturbing frankly, but also great in its own way. Plus this outfit is cool and I love little knick knacks like toy furniture and stuff.


Anyway. Come to the dark side, we’ve got cookies! The rest of the photos are here.


p.s. Ken celebrated his 50th birthday! And lookie-here, geek appreciation prize goes to! (drums)..The Spock doll!

KEN® Doll as MR. SPOCK™ -

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