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Outfit post. Shoe Challenge #3


I took advantage of the good weather to take some pictures for the shoe challenge (check the Shoeperwoman website for more detail). These shoes, though are my current favorite, are also quite difficult to incorporate into an outfit. They look good with rolled up jeans, but I just couldn’t be bothered shaving my legs just for few pictures, hence the black tights. So sue me.

Outfit: skirt and tank top – Esprit, top – H&M jacket – Tiks, shoes – Asos Totally Suede, scarf – Soaked in Luxury, earrings – from India.

There’s not much to report today, except that I cleaned the windows, so just enjoy the pictures 🙂


Outfit post (Shoe challenge #2)


The sun is finally coming out and Spring seems to have finally arrived. As a consequence I am not feeling so sleepy all the time. That’s why I give you!..the result of a Sunday walk.

Outfit: jeans and tank top – Esprit, hoodie – Vertus (some Polish knock off brand I think), jacket – Tiks, belt – Fat Face,  Shoes – Converse, sunnies – Polaroid.

This week we discovered that it is now allowed to go behind the nearby forest into some former mining area (pictures to come). We had quite a stroll and took some nice pictures. It was quite a perfect time to practice my posing – not many people around. But now I think that it is not worth it – it is much more fun to have strange photos that reflect my personality. For example on the picture on the left I am about to sneeze.

Anyway, no fancy shoes to show off, I do not tend to wear heels in the fields or forest. Hence, the reasonable choice – Converse. I acquired them in London a couple of years ago. I bought the jeans in London as well, got quite a good bargain if I remember correctly.

Since I needed some comfortable outfit for a long walk, I just added some colour with the weird belt and a tank top, not to be totally gloomy. I think it still looks better than the standard German outfit for such a thing – couples usually look totally alike – wearing jack wolfskin windbreakers (or of some similar company), jeans and trekking shoes and usually accessorize  with those sticks for walking (you know, the ones that look like skiing sticks) and a big dog.

People often assume I am an angry person, but it is just my facial expression 😀 It indicates how well I’ve slept the night before. Not very well, judging from the above pictures. And since I do not hide behind the ton of make up, this is what you see in the pictures – angry me! Deal with it.

Enough of none essential BS, here are the details of my outfit. My belt, which I bought while being stranded at Heathrow airport – my flight was insanely delayed and I, of course, searched for comfort in retail therapy. (Btw,  it turns out I wore the belt upside down…my typical scatter brainness.)

There is a silhouette of a horsie on my hoodie, even has mane and stuffs. You like?


p.s. check the Shoeperwoman website for more info about the shoe challenge.



As a kid I could never get used to wearing slippers. I would simply forget to put them on, no matter how many times mom would tell me to. After I moved out of my parents’ home and to a university dorm, I started to appreciate the practical use that comes with slippers. People would come and go, bringing the outside dirt to our room (there were 3 of us living in one room, that’s right), so it was more or less unpleasant to run around barefoot or wearing socks. (I also have to mention, that in Lithuania people do not usually walk around in the apartment wearing outdoor shoes, it is normal to take your shoes off, when you come home or visit someone.)

So, I finally grew into wearing slippers and started appreciating the warmth and comfort they give during the cold months. My current slippers have expired and I got myself a new pair. This time I decided to chic it up a notch.

LULU LUXURY - Hausschuhe - purple/lime green LULU LUXURY - Hausschuhe - purple/lime green

Instead of some boring typical slippers I chose something more interesting and more me. I fell in love with these for their color and sharpey-ness.

But the 70 euro price tag was ridiculous (just a tad…). Few days ago I found them on sale on amazon for 26. Not that this was the price I would gladly pay for a pair of slippers (but if I was to convert the amount of Lithuanian money that I would consider giving up for such a purchase and convert it to euros, it not exceed more than 10…I guess I could by a bunch of plastic bags to wrap around my feet for this amount in this overpriced country).
The slippers arrived yesterday in a nice purple bag. I followed a couple of reviews and ordered size 40 instead of 38…dunno, I think 39 would have been sufficient, but the rubber band is quite tight, so maybe 40 is a better choice after all. I have to break them in still (because of that damn rubber band), but so far they seem comfy, warm and cute. Plus they are suede, so I guess that explains the price tag. I think we will all be very happy together.