As a kid I could never get used to wearing slippers. I would simply forget to put them on, no matter how many times mom would tell me to. After I moved out of my parents’ home and to a university dorm, I started to appreciate the practical use that comes with slippers. People would come and go, bringing the outside dirt to our room (there were 3 of us living in one room, that’s right), so it was more or less unpleasant to run around barefoot or wearing socks. (I also have to mention, that in Lithuania people do not usually walk around in the apartment wearing outdoor shoes, it is normal to take your shoes off, when you come home or visit someone.)

So, I finally grew into wearing slippers and started appreciating the warmth and comfort they give during the cold months. My current slippers have expired and I got myself a new pair. This time I decided to chic it up a notch.

LULU LUXURY - Hausschuhe - purple/lime green LULU LUXURY - Hausschuhe - purple/lime green

Instead of some boring typical slippers I chose something more interesting and more me. I fell in love with these for their color and sharpey-ness.

But the 70 euro price tag was ridiculous (just a tad…). Few days ago I found them on sale on amazon for 26. Not that this was the price I would gladly pay for a pair of slippers (but if I was to convert the amount of Lithuanian money that I would consider giving up for such a purchase and convert it to euros, it not exceed more than 10…I guess I could by a bunch of plastic bags to wrap around my feet for this amount in this overpriced country).
The slippers arrived yesterday in a nice purple bag. I followed a couple of reviews and ordered size 40 instead of 38…dunno, I think 39 would have been sufficient, but the rubber band is quite tight, so maybe 40 is a better choice after all. I have to break them in still (because of that damn rubber band), but so far they seem comfy, warm and cute. Plus they are suede, so I guess that explains the price tag. I think we will all be very happy together.




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  1. Slippers are a must for me, especially in winter, because my feet get cold very easily. I treated myself to some soft fluffy slipper booties from Accessorize this Christmas 😀 Your pair looks really nice as well, I might have to look up something similar for warmer months when booties are a bit too much!

    • Booties are also cool for winter. I saw some cute ones too. Though, at home during summer I wear either flip flops or run around bare foot. I want to let my feet breathe a bit, release them from shoe and sock prison 🙂

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