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Blah Blah New Year’s Resolutions


Whoa did I fall off the face of the Earth… Not that I do not have anything to write about, I just do not have the energy. I am always jealous when I see how much people manage to do during the day. It does not work that way for me – after a day at work my ass just glues itself to the couch. I go to sleep at 9 in the evening and can barely get up at 6…

I keep asking myself a question, how do those bloggers manage to take their pictures in a decent light? I mean, I leave for work when it is still dark and I come home when it is already dark. I’ve put some crappy pictures on this blog, but I really do not want it to be a standard. Maybe will try taking more pictures indoors, but for now instead of photos I will publish my complaints and the things that annoy me instead of outfits. And now, some good stuff.

I finally got a chance to do some shopping for the first time in a couple of years. Not anything extraordinary – some H&M sale abuse, but I cannot wait for Spring to take the stuff out for a spin. Since my closet is now quit happy with the instant clothing for the time being, I decided that the next thing I will buy will be some fancy shmancy designer piece. Because…well, why not, right? So this is my first New Year’s resolution – get my first real designer piece (Versace for H&M does not count). Most likely shoes, but who knows. This is supposed to be a fashion blog, such resolutions are appropriate.

Another resolutions is – to try out more beauty stuff. The next on my list is nail polish and hot curlers. I kindda started already in November with the nails, but I want it to become a routine.

I also want to adjust my style for the office. I want to look as myself, but not too out there. I do not want to wear some classy grey suits and black shoes to work.

But people here are really afraid of color…I think I am the only one who wears pink or red shoes in the office. Maybe because it is a total middle of nowhere and people are really conservative. But I could be that breath of fresh air, right? The gals are quite excited to see me in my Versace for H&M leggings, but I do not think that the office will get that from me. It is not just the shyness, but I wonder what would the high management think, if I would appear in some meeting wearing leggings with differently colored pant legs and all the rest would be wearing grey suits…

In case you were wondering – these are the leggings.



The most epic leggings of all time!

So far those are the resolutions. Do not want to be an overachiever… 🙂