Monthly Archives: May 2012

Long time…



Y U no write. It appears that I am a holiday blogger. First of all, I have no photographer following me around all day until the lighting is perfect for taking outfit pictures. Second of all, I am so tired after work and had so much stress in general due to, you know, life, that when I come home, all my enthusiasm just crawls up on the couch and does not want to hear/know anything. And now, on a second day of my vacation there you go – took quite some pictures of the outfits.

The main space for creativity is unfortunately the office, since we go out usually only on weekends. So I am learning bit by bit, how to dress office appropriate, but still be true to myself (what a cliche).

So there you have it. Black pants, ballerinas, a blouse, but still is rather weird to the untrained eyes of my colleagues, because…


the pants have leather inclusions in the back and my ballerinas have animal print on them. And here is some pictures of some carving for balancing’s sake.

The stuff: top – H&M, belt – Esprit, pants – Victoria Beckham, shoes – Pretty Ballerinas, bag – something from