Monthly Archives: November 2012

MMM with HM


Yep, it’s been a while. If only thoughts would magically transfer on to the digital paper, my blog would be flooded with posts and my head would be a lot lighter.

So, MMM. My H&M package arrived yesterday with all the Margiela goodness. Some stuff I will keep, but some awesome goodies will be going back. Like the already infamous candy bag. There’s been too much of it on the internets and I do not want to feel like a copy cat. Plus the sizing was a bit annoying, to fit my hands it either had to be wider or shorter. I don’t want to carry annoying stuff, no matter how awesomely obnoxious and in your face it were. Pity though, it is pretty cool.

I will not pretend to be a fan of Margiela, but their designs sure do stick to ones mind. I had a thing for their high top sneakers for quite a while now. And as I said, though I am not a fan, this collaboration was really something. Maybe because I always wanted to have different stuff, than other people have. I think this collections is for such people. Something classy and yet with a twist, you know, like something’s a bit off. I wonder how my co workers will react, when I show up in my sweater from the 90s collection with the stitches on the outside, stuff sticking out in places it is not supposed to stick out on “normal” clothing. I already am labeled as a fashion queen at work (and not necessarily in a good way, you know, like hobbits who are not supposed to do anything unexpected and when one does, then he is labeled disturber of the peace), though I do try to keep it relatively mellow. Anyway, here’s the sweater.


The best MMM for HM ambassadors would be the Beckerman sisters, methinks. So if you are interested how the pieces look live, go check out their latest posts, candy clutch included and sea of shoes had good photos of the pieces as well.