My Kelly Moore bag arrived!



I wrote about camera bags already ages ago. A couple of years ago the market was quite poor, most of the bags were just of that extremely sporty type, all velcro and what not. And when I discovered Kelly Moore bags, I immediately put them on my wish list. But since the bags were shipped from the USA, I was not sure if I should order – too much fuss with customs, returns etc. Plus they are not exactly budget bags. So I waited. A couple of weeks ago, when I got a new lens and additional motivational kick to take pictures and continue with this littlo blog,  I decided to google the camera bags again. And what do you know, I found an online shop that stocks proper camera bags. They have a really nice selection of bags. I would not say awesome, because to be frank, such camera bags have still a way to go. Especially when it comes decorative details. But I am glad that there are many more options now available. Plus, the service is really amazeballs.

So. Without further ado – my new 2 Sues bag!



I had my choice narrowed down to two bags – 2Sues and Songbird. While Songbirds was of such a vibrant blue colour, which I love, and in general looked very cool, I found it to be a tad uncomfortable. I do not like carrying my handbags messenger style and it was too bulky under my arm. So the choice was obvious – 2Sues it was. I like that it is slouchy and has so many bells an whistles (but if you visit Kelly Moore website and watch videos about the bags, you will see that all the bags are equipped with pockets for all purposes imaginable. I do not want to go into too much detail, because the videos do speak for themselves. You can take a tour around the 2Sues bag either on the official website or on the photoqueen online shop.



Outfit post to come.




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