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Lazy Afternoons


I am in a total winter mode. I’ve started quite a few blog posts, but didn’t finish and they just mock me by being on the list…But I just feel like this:

The only thing I am good for these days is cooking and sitting on the couch with the computer on my lap. Of course, I had a mandatory before-New-Year-clean up. I threw out so much crap and it felt really relieving, but…My mind wandered back to the post about cleaning out the closet oO. Sigh..Maybe I’ll get to it soon. In the mean time, enjoy pictures of donuts:

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Food again. Muffins and cake.


I was baking half of the day today…and it is not over yet. My husband (!)* asked me to bake some muffins and a cake for his colleagues, to celebrate our wedding.

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