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Vote for a Lithuanian talent on Vogue!


Ten finalists have been chosen for Muuse x Vogue Talents. The final vote is happening now on Vogue website. Please vote for the Lithuanian designer Ieva Daugirdaite. You can find photos of her work here. My favorite ist Fall-Winter 13-14. Go Lithuanians!


MMM with HM


Yep, it’s been a while. If only thoughts would magically transfer on to the digital paper, my blog would be flooded with posts and my head would be a lot lighter.

So, MMM. My H&M package arrived yesterday with all the Margiela goodness. Some stuff I will keep, but some awesome goodies will be going back. Like the already infamous candy bag. There’s been too much of it on the internets and I do not want to feel like a copy cat. Plus the sizing was a bit annoying, to fit my hands it either had to be wider or shorter. I don’t want to carry annoying stuff, no matter how awesomely obnoxious and in your face it were. Pity though, it is pretty cool.

I will not pretend to be a fan of Margiela, but their designs sure do stick to ones mind. I had a thing for their high top sneakers for quite a while now. And as I said, though I am not a fan, this collaboration was really something. Maybe because I always wanted to have different stuff, than other people have. I think this collections is for such people. Something classy and yet with a twist, you know, like something’s a bit off. I wonder how my co workers will react, when I show up in my sweater from the 90s collection with the stitches on the outside, stuff sticking out in places it is not supposed to stick out on “normal” clothing. I already am labeled as a fashion queen at work (and not necessarily in a good way, you know, like hobbits who are not supposed to do anything unexpected and when one does, then he is labeled disturber of the peace), though I do try to keep it relatively mellow. Anyway, here’s the sweater.


The best MMM for HM ambassadors would be the Beckerman sisters, methinks. So if you are interested how the pieces look live, go check out their latest posts, candy clutch included and sea of shoes had good photos of the pieces as well. 







Orange hippos


Another polyvore set. Again some orange and blue, this time just as hints of color popping up from under jacket or pinned to the ear.

Orange hippos

I actually bought this bag (in another color – garnet) and pants and have similar shoes. I wanted to create an outfit that I could actually imagine wearing.

I was puzzled by the brand of the bag. It says D2, but no tags came with it so I have no idea what that is. I don’t think it has anything to do with Dsquared2, but who knows.

Blue and Orange plus Feathers


Lately I’ve been having a thing for certain colour combinations. One of them is bright orange and blue another one – pink and green. Since couturious has disappeared from the face of the interwebs I needed to switch to some other means (currently polyvore) of putting together some imaginary looks.

Also I’ve been obsessing over fur and feather skirts a lot…in my head. And I’ve put pointy suede ballet flats on my wish list. So here we go:

Blue and Orange plus Feathers

Summer favorites


My reaction to the trend that I like usually goes like this:
First phase – ooooooh! Like! Want!
Second phase – damn, they’re all over the interwebs… looks like an incubator…me no like.
Third phase – hm, are ALL the girls still wearing it or can I buy it already?

This is just some random picture of me in my pink hat, so that the post would not look too lame.

Before I started reading fashion blogs, I never questioned if a trend is still fashionable, can I wear it? Frankly, I still don’t. As I mentioned before, if a trend catches on – it means you will have an enormous variety of choice. If you find something that fits you well, it does not matter if it is still trendy or not, you can wear it all you want. My only problem is, I need to wait until the big wave of the trend passes, so I would not feel like the trend obsessed gal and question if my judgment has been impaired by looking at too many pictures with nice outfits.

Now to the point – you know all those cut offs we’ve been seeing since last year? This trend brought me back to my teenage years, where I really wanted to cut all the pant legs off of my jeans (and I actually ruined a pair).

Anyway, this weekend we decided to do some live shopping and actually went to the store. It was pretty efficient and we did not get tired and worn out after the trip. The secret to successful shopping – setting a goal. In my case it was H&M, a pair of cut off jean shorts. I did my research online and found quite a lot of options, so this was my store of choice.

Here is another random picture to cut in the boredom of looking at a lot of letters. I will call it very artsy – Ladybug on Parsley.

There are a few things that I do not like about H&M. The stores are so huge and there are always so many people. Another annoying thing is, that organization in the store is usually beyond my understanding. All jean shorts hang in all different kind of places and you need to scout the whole store before you find all you need. And I needed to try all kinds of cut offs, since I had no idea what would look good on me. Eventually I picked four kinds and ended up narrowing down to two. One pair I grabbed just because of the light fabric, they were just denim shorts, not cut offs.

The actual cut offs I chose wear husband (boyfriend…whatever) cut. Thought they looked gooo-h-ood, the fabric was too thick for the summer and I decided not to get them.  They looked something like this, just the colour was a bit lighter:

I ended up getting the shorts that were not actual cut offs. Plus one stripey top.

And I must say, I found my summer’s favorites for this year. They go very well together and with other stuff in my closet as well. I am not very happy with the quality of the top, so I will be a bit disappointed, when it will fall apart in about 5 washing cycles, but oh well.


Eurovision Fashion 2011. Serbia.


Eurovision is a strange phenomenon. A lot of people know it, even more don’t. Some love it, some hate it. I am a weird kind of viewer – for me it’s like a sports game – I can pretend to be an expert and comment on the performance of the participants, the sound, the quality, the meaning (or lack of) of lyrics and most of all – stage outfits.

In the past few years it was starting to get really sad. If it is a guy – then jeans and shirt or maybe a suit, if it is a lady – a dress, as tiny as possible for that matter. This year took an unexpected but nice turn towards classy – girls started wearing clothes again. There were quite a few mini dresses, but they did not channel any vibe of cheap. There were some weird choices of course, but all in all – it was quite pleasant to watch.

I would like to share with you my favorite performance – Serbian girls! They were just awesome! The song was nice and sunny and their clothes…Oh my! Retro, ftw! Colors! This is what I want to wear every day!

© Pieter Van Den Berghe (EBU):  Serbia: Second rehearsal

© Pieter Van Den Berghe (EBU):  Serbia: Second rehearsal

Oh the colorful tights and funky shoes 😀 and print dresses and earrings. There is just so much of epic going on.

And here is the official video


P.S. The pictures are taken from the official Eurovision website.



As a kid I could never get used to wearing slippers. I would simply forget to put them on, no matter how many times mom would tell me to. After I moved out of my parents’ home and to a university dorm, I started to appreciate the practical use that comes with slippers. People would come and go, bringing the outside dirt to our room (there were 3 of us living in one room, that’s right), so it was more or less unpleasant to run around barefoot or wearing socks. (I also have to mention, that in Lithuania people do not usually walk around in the apartment wearing outdoor shoes, it is normal to take your shoes off, when you come home or visit someone.)

So, I finally grew into wearing slippers and started appreciating the warmth and comfort they give during the cold months. My current slippers have expired and I got myself a new pair. This time I decided to chic it up a notch.

LULU LUXURY - Hausschuhe - purple/lime green LULU LUXURY - Hausschuhe - purple/lime green

Instead of some boring typical slippers I chose something more interesting and more me. I fell in love with these for their color and sharpey-ness.

But the 70 euro price tag was ridiculous (just a tad…). Few days ago I found them on sale on amazon for 26. Not that this was the price I would gladly pay for a pair of slippers (but if I was to convert the amount of Lithuanian money that I would consider giving up for such a purchase and convert it to euros, it not exceed more than 10…I guess I could by a bunch of plastic bags to wrap around my feet for this amount in this overpriced country).
The slippers arrived yesterday in a nice purple bag. I followed a couple of reviews and ordered size 40 instead of 38…dunno, I think 39 would have been sufficient, but the rubber band is quite tight, so maybe 40 is a better choice after all. I have to break them in still (because of that damn rubber band), but so far they seem comfy, warm and cute. Plus they are suede, so I guess that explains the price tag. I think we will all be very happy together.



Mean Barbie


As a kid I had only a knock-off Barbie. Some Chinese falling-apart plastic body with a pretty real Barbie head. I loved it. It was the prettiest fake Barbie in the whole yard. (Not as fancy as the one below, but that didn’t matter.)

BARBIE® I CAN BE…™ Pet Vet -

I got my first real Barbie as I turned 19 or 20…I cannot remember exactly. My best friends gave it for my birthday. It resides at my parent’s place if my niece hasn’t discovered her yet and tore her apart, as kids love to do with all the things in general. Anyway…as a kid I never saw what is now seen in this doll – disproportionate, unnatural looking body. It simply was the doll of my dreams. I didn’t overanalyze back in the day. You know – childhood and all.

Few days ago I came across this awesome photo shoot browsing through

The dark side of Barbie 😀 A bit disturbing frankly, but also great in its own way. Plus this outfit is cool and I love little knick knacks like toy furniture and stuff.


Anyway. Come to the dark side, we’ve got cookies! The rest of the photos are here.


p.s. Ken celebrated his 50th birthday! And lookie-here, geek appreciation prize goes to! (drums)..The Spock doll!

KEN® Doll as MR. SPOCK™ -

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Challenge challenge everywhere. 30 for 30.


So, I’ve entered the Shoe Challenge. And at the similar time I also discovered another challenge as well as the blog. 30 for 30.


It is a pity that shoes count as part of those 30 items you should wear, because that would leave me with very small choice of clothes, I think I will take on that challenge next year. It is quite an interesting and tempting idea, try and remix the limited number of clothes. I am not participating this time, but you all go ahead 😀