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Phantasia Land


So, the weather has gotten worse, and with the coming of gloomy Autumn weather enthusiasm to dress up disappears. Or rather enthusiasm to make photos..

So, for now – more of the pictures of our family trips. Last weekend we went to PhantasiaLand. My husband’s company had a 10th anniversary, so everything was organized and we did not need to move a finger, except for travel to the actual location.

We stayed at a sort of Chinese hotel, next to the park.

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Wine tasting…


Yesterday our family and the family of our friends decided to have a little trip to a nearby town (about 50 km away). Turned out, it was wine tasting weekend there and it was swarming with people, plus the weather was really kind too.  We did not get much of wine to taste, except for this special type of wine, which one must drink within 8 days (we’ve got ourselves two bottles), oh well.
Anyway, outfit pics did not turn out too well, but we made some nice photos of a town and it’s surroundings. It is such a darn cute place. All the old town is within old city walls.

But since it was a bit too crowded, we got outside the walls after lunch and took a walk near vinyards and the river.

I am wearing: top – Aboriginal, capris(shorts?) – United Colours of Benetton, sandals – Oasis, bag – Roxy (from EBay), earrings – Asos, bangles – my standart set of bangles from Lithuania, Russia, India and Germany.

My earrings would always turn their pretty side away, so needed to hold them for the picture 🙂 Nevermind the droopy expression.

Click for some non-outfit related pictures:

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