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Eurovision Fashion 2011. Serbia.


Eurovision is a strange phenomenon. A lot of people know it, even more don’t. Some love it, some hate it. I am a weird kind of viewer – for me it’s like a sports game – I can pretend to be an expert and comment on the performance of the participants, the sound, the quality, the meaning (or lack of) of lyrics and most of all – stage outfits.

In the past few years it was starting to get really sad. If it is a guy – then jeans and shirt or maybe a suit, if it is a lady – a dress, as tiny as possible for that matter. This year took an unexpected but nice turn towards classy – girls started wearing clothes again. There were quite a few mini dresses, but they did not channel any vibe of cheap. There were some weird choices of course, but all in all – it was quite pleasant to watch.

I would like to share with you my favorite performance – Serbian girls! They were just awesome! The song was nice and sunny and their clothes…Oh my! Retro, ftw! Colors! This is what I want to wear every day!

© Pieter Van Den Berghe (EBU):  Serbia: Second rehearsal

© Pieter Van Den Berghe (EBU):  Serbia: Second rehearsal

Oh the colorful tights and funky shoes 😀 and print dresses and earrings. There is just so much of epic going on.

And here is the official video


P.S. The pictures are taken from the official Eurovision website.

Chloé 2011 PreFall.


I intended to post looks that I liked best from different collections. I was not too successful, because the amount of collections is a bit overwhelming and maximalist that I am, I wanted to flip through everything…Look how well that turned out. Also, I tried to keep myself away from fashion world nowadays, because I am afraid to get sucked into it too much. First of all, it always affects my shopping needs and since I do not have a job (hence the money) it is a torture of a sort.

Second of all, I feel guilty sitting and reading the fashion stuff, because for a hobby it takes too much time and I do not get much of other stuff done, so then sitting and writing something in my blog, seems even more unreasonable, since I already spend so much time on reading. But I decided to try again, get back on that horse.

So, this will be the test of my will power now. I will try to continue with the looks starting again today 🙂 First of all Chloé.

Everything is so beautiful and the 70s vibe, oh my.

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

I love how the boots continue under the skirt and there is no bare leg visible. It is not just pretty it is so practical and warm 😀 I am not sure if I would be able to pull of overknee boots (the trend that’s been around for quite a while as well, for example here or here) with a bit shorter skirts, so I am glad that Chloé way of hiding knee boots under the skirt seems doable and because of that – really appealing to me. I already have an outfit in mind.

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

I noticed that I started to lean towards a more ‘grown up’ style lately. But in real life it would be strange to wear such clothes. I love blazers or jackets, or tailored pants, but since I am not currently working, it would be really weird to wear something like this for grocery shopping or doctor’s appointment. Would feel out of place and overdressed somehow. Another thing I do not understand is, why would someone wear sandals (while being bare legged) and a warm woolen cape at the same time. Stylistically it looks really really good, but I am talking real life now. What my mom really implanted in my head is  – stay warm (no open neck when it is chilly, warm socks, tights, pants, layers of sweaters etc.) and I do agree with it 🙂

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

Another thing that bothers me is the come back of wide leg trousers. I absolutely LOVE this style and few years back I even bought a pair of jeans similar to these, but…my butt ceases to exist in such pants for some reason(the flatness is amazing, really) and the only thing left is disproportionately big thighs… Anyway, I gave the pants away, even though I wish I could wear them…

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

And here are a couple of black outfits that I liked too. Not much to say about them, they are simply nice 🙂

All in all – I really liked it, even though I have my own issues with certain styling approach or how certain pieces would look on me 😀 The  longer skirts, boots and skirts combination, the colors and of course – the bags. In other words – beautiful.

p.s. pictures are from style.com

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