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The mom outfit



I am feeling a bit uninspired word-wise this rainy weekend. But the outfits are ON. I keep obsessing with what I am going to wear all next week at work. So, sorry for the boring post, I hope the outfit will make up for it. Continuing the topic on midi skirts.

This outfit reminds a bit of the 70s fashion. Midi skirt, no cleavage – all buttoned up or turtleneck-ed. It also really appeals to me, because my mom used to wear similar clothes. I remember her skirts and dresses, when she would pick me up from the kindergarten. She is still so very stylish.

I found this skirt while browsing on ASOS and decided against it, because I did not want to pay more than 60€ for a skirt, and then it got sold out…Fortunately they restocked and coincidence of coincidences – I got a bonus around that time! So, now you are seeing the photos of it. Unfortunately it turned out a bit too big and I had to belt the skirt under the sweater so it would hold around the waist. Just to be on the safe side, I will take it for alterations only in spring, if I do not gain weight, cause I do love to eat and winter is coming…For now, I will need to hide the waist of the skirt under wider tops. I could of course tuck the sweater in (I saw it in a couple of blogs), but even though I find that it can look quite cool, I think on me it would just seem too awkward.

Let us talk about the rest of the pieces. This trench is pretty awesome – I got it last year for my birthday. It has a lining that can be taken out. So I can wear it almost all year round. Highly recommended.

The little Sal decided to take an opportunity to sneak onto the balcony and take part in the photo shoot. She matches my faux fur bag perfectly.

Will definitely weird out the people in the office with this combo. Because, you know – I will look like a mom from the 70s.

I will also be forced to be on trend this Autumn – I have quite a few burgundy pieces and apparently IT IS ON with the burgundy this season. So sorry for that.

I’ve been looking forward to carrying my fluffy bag since the early spring, when I put it aside for something lighter.

The pumps though…were a bit of a disappointment. I love Vagabond shoes and had 4 or 5 pairs of them before (from flip flops to winter boots). I mean, the fit is actually good, they are not too narrow. The color is nice and in general they look good. So what the hell is wrong then? The heel is placed in a part of the sole, that when you walk, you already expect the heel to hit the ground but it does a little moment later and so you walk a tad awkwardly. Which is irritating. I decided to keep them, since I am more or less confined to my desk the whole day. Otherwise they would be back where they came from.

Outfit: trench – Spoom, sweater – H&M, skirt – ASOS, shoes – Vagabond, bag – Pilar Abril


Variations of pink


I am a fan of pink. I really don’t get it, why pink ist considered lame and women who wear pink usually regarded as simple and what not. Pink is for baby girls…Also, everyone immediately starts talking about Barbie. I think pink is awesome. Such a vibrant and fun colour. And Barbie, she got style.

So let us start with the visuals of the pink shoes. These are not exactly Barbie pink, but they are in-yo-face enough. I love the retro feel from a clunky heel and round toe. And they are comfortable. Even if I have an appointment on the other side of the factory, I can wear these on that day, without having to worry about how I am going to walk there.


And here is the rest of the outfit. I actually wore this to work last week. Pink and green is the color combination, which brings that feeling of almost summer.

And some more clothes from the family of pink-purplish-redish whatever – a skirt and a bag.


Some more retro with the grandma jacket and huge buttons. And it turns out to be a pretty decent outfit.


And to conclude the story, some awkward shots. Because that’s what happens when you take pictures. Keepin’ it real.


I am not so much with the words today, but I really really wanted to post these pictures.

Outfit: jacket – Monton, button down – I think from Pull and Bear, skirt – Sisley, bag – don’t remember anymore, from Yoox.com, shoes – Zign.



Chloé 2011 PreFall.


I intended to post looks that I liked best from different collections. I was not too successful, because the amount of collections is a bit overwhelming and maximalist that I am, I wanted to flip through everything…Look how well that turned out. Also, I tried to keep myself away from fashion world nowadays, because I am afraid to get sucked into it too much. First of all, it always affects my shopping needs and since I do not have a job (hence the money) it is a torture of a sort.

Second of all, I feel guilty sitting and reading the fashion stuff, because for a hobby it takes too much time and I do not get much of other stuff done, so then sitting and writing something in my blog, seems even more unreasonable, since I already spend so much time on reading. But I decided to try again, get back on that horse.

So, this will be the test of my will power now. I will try to continue with the looks starting again today 🙂 First of all Chloé.

Everything is so beautiful and the 70s vibe, oh my.

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

I love how the boots continue under the skirt and there is no bare leg visible. It is not just pretty it is so practical and warm 😀 I am not sure if I would be able to pull of overknee boots (the trend that’s been around for quite a while as well, for example here or here) with a bit shorter skirts, so I am glad that Chloé way of hiding knee boots under the skirt seems doable and because of that – really appealing to me. I already have an outfit in mind.

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

I noticed that I started to lean towards a more ‘grown up’ style lately. But in real life it would be strange to wear such clothes. I love blazers or jackets, or tailored pants, but since I am not currently working, it would be really weird to wear something like this for grocery shopping or doctor’s appointment. Would feel out of place and overdressed somehow. Another thing I do not understand is, why would someone wear sandals (while being bare legged) and a warm woolen cape at the same time. Stylistically it looks really really good, but I am talking real life now. What my mom really implanted in my head is  – stay warm (no open neck when it is chilly, warm socks, tights, pants, layers of sweaters etc.) and I do agree with it 🙂

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

Another thing that bothers me is the come back of wide leg trousers. I absolutely LOVE this style and few years back I even bought a pair of jeans similar to these, but…my butt ceases to exist in such pants for some reason(the flatness is amazing, really) and the only thing left is disproportionately big thighs… Anyway, I gave the pants away, even though I wish I could wear them…

Chloé Pre-Fall 2011 Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

And here are a couple of black outfits that I liked too. Not much to say about them, they are simply nice 🙂

All in all – I really liked it, even though I have my own issues with certain styling approach or how certain pieces would look on me 😀 The  longer skirts, boots and skirts combination, the colors and of course – the bags. In other words – beautiful.

p.s. pictures are from style.com

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Outfit post. Hippy vibes.


On Saturday we did some random running around the town, buying expensive food and stuff. Got some fancy oil with herbs, some Christmas liquors to try out (considering to make this year’s gifts edible/drinkable :)). No no, we’re not in Christmas shopping frenzy, but it never hurts to have ideas, right?

My wedge ankle boots are the bestest shoes I own and I wear them almost all the time. Since they have a littlo hippy vibe to them and 70 rock in general, I went for my flared jeans (not sure if this kind of cut is called flare, but it is wider than boot cut, so I think it should be flare :D) and hippy blouse from zara. I like the blue and yellow combination from earlier post, so thought – you can never go wrong with this 😀 Other stuff – my standard Autumn coat and also my standard Autumn/Winter bag from Sisley (during this time of year this combination is sort of inescapable…).

Outfit: jacket and jeans – Esprit, shirt – pull and bear, top – Zara, shoes – ASOS, bag – sisley, scarf – soaked in luxury.

So far I think the photos for this post turned out the best out of all my photo shoots (thanks to my photographer/husband, who was carrying the bags and was patient enought to take photos :)). I remembered to smile more or less while posing and didn’t forget to pose while smiling :D. Plus, didn’t forget to get some detail shots. Improvin’ – you’re doin’ it rite 🙂

p.s. one of these earrings broke..I have no idea how – I was just stading in the bathroom in front of the mirror and one of the stones just fell into the sink… Mah man needed to perform some plumbing exercises on the sink to get it out…


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