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Outfit Post. Shoe Challenge #4


So this is crap what has happened to Shoeperwoman. What is up with the universe? Lately I find myself often observing all kinds of weirdness and thinking people = shit (please excuse my French). So much wrong and mean is all around, what the hell? I always tended to trust people, but I guess nowadays it is just being naive…Because that’s what happens when you believe in good in people…trust no one. It is sad.

So, to help Shoeperwoman in her quest for justice, I am posting this weekend’s outfit feat. my pink Blowfish flats and linking to her website πŸ™‚

Outfit: t-shirt – Retro jeans, jeans – Vertus, bangles – my standard set from all over, sunnies – Polaroid.

Above you see a typical example of personal style blogging – nice posing, nice background, average outfit. And below is a typical example of me, because why go through life seriously, right? Let’s bring some silliness into this world and try and stay positive.

Some usual blah blah blah about my clothes. This t shirt is one of my favorites. I like how new things you buy at a store can look so retro. I just loooove this kind of t shirts. Also wearing my ancient pair of jeans, which I managed to take to the tailor after two years of them lying around in my closet – they needed a new zipper. This is my bestest pair of jeans – so amazingly comfortable and look gooooood. I am happy to have salvaged them from the dark and gloomy place that is my closet.

And here is a detail shot of my t shirt.



Outfit post (what I wore this summer). After BBQ :)


Quick outfit post of what I wore this summer. After BBQ my friend and I took a walk, and left other lazy people to digest. Here is what I wore on a hot summer day.

Hat – French Connection,Β  dress – Esprit, shoes – blowfish, bangles – somewhere from Lithuania.

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Outfit post (Berlin)


So, I’ve gone to Berlin this weekend for my friend’s surprise birthday party. Just some pictures for now, stories – a bit later. All I can tellΒ  that we walked A LOT. Since mah man and some other people were in Berlin for the first time, naturally all touristy sightseeing was a must πŸ™‚

I am wearing t-shirt – Aboriginal, jeans and belt – Esprit, bag – vintage, shoes – blowfish, bangles – from India and Lithuania, earrings – from India.

And here in the Tacheles squat (more on that in another post) all tired. Top – Mango, shorts – Broadway, belt – from a dress by H&M, sandals – Oasis, bag – vintage, earrings (you cannot see here) – gift from my grandma. Mah man – t- shirt and shorts from Esprit, shoes –Β  Converse, sunnies – Polaroid.

More photos of our trip to come.


P.S. while we were in Berlin my tripod had arrived – YAY! Now I can make proper photos on my own πŸ˜€

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Outfit post


Today was a gloomy, cloudy day, but not too cold. It was a bit too cold to wear short sleeves though, so I went for simple sporty layers. Here is what I wore to run some errands: to the in-laws to print a couple of pages, pick up chinese food (I was too lazy to cook today..), bring back rented movies, send couple of packages, get some fresh meat from the butcher’s.

Tank top, pullover and jeggings – Esprit, shoes – Blowfish, bag – Mango, bangles – from random vendors in Lithuania and India, Earrings – from India.

Judging by the outfit I am a total Esprit freak πŸ™‚ This brand is a bit more expensive than Zara or H&M and similar chains, but I like the quality that I get from Esprit, because if I buy something, I usually wear it A LOT, and that means I want it to last. πŸ™‚ Hence, I have certain expectations for the quality of my clothing.

Anyway. The tank top as mentioned in my previous post – back up for another similar top I already own. And it gives a nice splash of colour to the dark outfit.

The pullower and jeggins were on sale on esprit.de πŸ˜€ I’m really happy with this jeggings/leggings trend. I am not a fan of transparent leggings, but opaque leggins and jeggins rock πŸ™‚ It is easy to tuck them into boots, but they also look good with ankle boots or ballerinas, or any other kind of shoe really. And I like the bottom detail of these jeggings too. Also I like the feeling of comfort they provide because of the stretch (btw, when I buy jeans, I always make sure it has some elastane in too, so they would feel comfortable and not too rough and hard)…just pockets are missing, but that’s ok. Pullover is nothing too special and out there, but the fabric is really soft and it looks nicely when layered. I cannot wear it on it’s own though, because my chest is too big and the buttons are always struggling… This is also the reason why I have problems finding proper button down shirts and blouses. Because if I want them to be tight,Β  but not show off my bra through the gap it is quite difficult to find. I always need toΒ  try one size biger, but then they look too big oO.

Shoes…I really love these shoes, they feel like slippers and look really cute. They are of Blowfish brand. But no matter how happy I am with them, I must say, I would not pay full price for them (I’ve got them on sale too), because 50 Euros is a bit steep in comparison with the quality of a shoe. I hope they will last until next year, because I wear them a lot and they do not look too sturdy πŸ™‚

Hope you had a nice day too. And I need to go clean ferret toilet πŸ™‚


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