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I am missing dresses and skirts in my winter wardrobe, so here is a new addition – a full brown skirt (also a result of H&M sale abuse).
This is an outfit that I wore to work last week.

There is some more brown stuff going on in this picture apart from a skirt as you can see (a blogger who chooses her words carefully might say – earthy colors or cognac, hence the title of a post) – brown elbow patches (yay!) and stitches on the cardigan and brown boots. And some awkward posing to top it all off.

I am quite happy with the skirt, despite it being synthetic and being a total pain to iron. And here is a detailed shot. I changed the belt that came with the skirt with a belt, that I got from my mom.

And here are the awesome elbow patches:

Plus the boots:

Outfit details: skirt- H&M, button down – Etam, cardigan – Esprit, belt – vintage, tights – dunno, boots – Bronx.

So there you go. Cognac.

Outfit post. Grey on Grey and Jeans.


It was a totally lazy Sunday. On Saturday we did quite a lot of cleaning in the house (including getting rid of expired food and defrosting the fridge…ick…), so on Sunday we just watched Battlestar Galactica and were lazy for the most part of the day).

Outfit corresponds to my mood, which is – “I just couldn’t be bothered…”

I put on my current favourite grey jersey top over my husband’s t-shirt, put on jeans, converse and a snugly long cardigan instead of a jacket.

Oufit: top – ASOS, t-shirt – fruit of the loom, jeans – Esprit, shoes – Converse, cardigan – Only, earrings – from the fair in Vilnius.


Closer look at earrings. They are supposedly made of Venecian glass…

Signature “bye bye feet” shot. And evidence of Autumn.

Confused plant.


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Outfit post


Yesterday I got to try the new pair shoes I got from Asos instead of my Steve Madden sandals ๐Ÿ™‚ They are perfect. The colour, the shape, the leather and they are so comfortable! Also, the ankle strap is not too high, so does not give the optical illusion of a short leg. So, I can further develop my new found love for grey colour.

Image 1 ofย ASOS HOTFOOT Leather Ankle Strap Wedges

I used to have an opinion, that if the company makes clothes, then it is most likely that the shoes it produces will be rather crappy – uncomfortable, bad quality or, dunno, something else. I rather trust my feet exlusively to shoe companies. But since Asos has a large collection of shoes, I decided to take my chance and I do not regret ๐Ÿ˜€

Lame pose -me, top and cardigan – Esprit, skirt –ย  Benetton, shoes and brooch – Asos, bag – Mango, bangles – from Lithuania and India, earrings – from India, sunnies – Polaroid.

In the morning was a bit cooler so originally the shoes were paired up with jeans (the shoes go really well with almost all of my jeans, which are normally too long for flats and I need to roll them up). I wanted to make some nice pictures in the park, but by the time we managed to actually go to the park it was too warm for jeans so I slipped into my Summer’s favorite skirt.

Since I am new to all this personal style blogging, I am still learning. After I uploaded photos for this post, I noticed that I wore a lot of same stuff (same top, skirt, bag, bangles)…hm…So will need to do something else in the near future. But for now let it be a topic on how to wear the same thing different ways :). After all, we do find clothes that are the most comfortable to us and stick to them, am I right?

Anyway. The skirt you’ve seen here. The bag was featured so far in almost all of my posts as the top and it’s twin too. About the cardigan I wrote here. I also got brooch from asos. I was eyeing it ever since I saw it on the website. Now that it was on sale, I decided to go for it, since I was ordering the shoes from there anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

Asos brooch (Miu Miu knock off much :D) Miu Miu swallow brooch.

I just cannot act normal and pose professionally, I need to make a fool out of myself. Here is the proof ๐Ÿ˜€

The pictures were made in the castle of Paffendorf, which has a really lovely park.

And here is the park itself.

And here’s us – my dear camera man and me. In the next post you will see his outfit with more description as well ๐Ÿ™‚

And also, you can see my earrings. They have a butterfly shape and are quite heavy. I finally got them out of my jewelry box this summer. Before I could not find an outfit that they would go with. Not to self: never get rid of the stuff that you love, but cannot find a way to wear it. Just wait. The time will come.


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Cardigans: Solution for a Light Chill


The weather (oh yes, my constant topic for complaints) seems to be picking up now. The sun is peeking in my bedroom and the sky is clear. Still it is rather chilly and makes me want to put something with long sleeves on.ย  So, today I would like to share with you my new found love for long cardigans (long, as in the ones that cover the butt, not necessarily the ones, that are sweeping the ground). Yes, I know, they’ve been around for a while now, but I think it is good to share the actual experience, when you own a thing, and not just write – OMG, cardigans are in! ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted one for a while now, ever since I saw several looks on Lookbook and while window shopping back in Spring. I really gotย  into this piece of clothing (not that I own a bunch of them, just one), because it is just so versatile. You can wear it with anything: over jeans and a t shirt or a shirt, over skirt and a blouse, over a dress, to work, at home, belted, loose, with a pin, during evening walk, casual, dressed up, you name it. (Note to self: must not forget make pictures of the outfits with it.)

Here is one of the ways how I would wear it:

Jewels that go with the sunset

During the sale on Esprit website, I decided to get one for myself too ๐Ÿ™‚ This one:Grey EDC Cardigant laying flat :)

I just love it. It is a bit unconventional – I love the longer front detail and the different fabric mixture. And the fabric itself is so soft. Even though I prefer natural (cotton or wool), I find this one awesome. Sadly it will not be a good option for winter though…(need to add a thicker one to my wishlist :D)

Grey EDC Cardigan

Anyway. I really recommend you add such piece to your waredrobe. You will not regret it, word ๐Ÿ˜€


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