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Repetition 1


so in the next couple of years I will be as poor as a church mouse because we plan to build a house and my husband will also be working just part time in order to finish his studies. Which means major change in our budget. And this means – no more shopping except for the absolute necessary, ya know – socks and underwear and stuff. But I am in the need of constant change in my wardrobe. And this blog will have to assist me in not getting sick with the same clothes over and over and over again.

As you can see from the post title – I will try to make this into a series of posts.

Here we have two mug shots. Same dress – two ways (this sounds tired…but oh well). And there you have it – one sporty and one girly outfit involving accessory change and that’s it.

And a close up of the shoes, since you cannot really see properly in the pictures above. Swedish Hasbeens, I got for a third of the original price (score!) back in May. I loooove them. I can never wear peep toes, because the press on my toes which in order gives me blisters and a world of pain. These, however, do not!

And my beloved Converse with Marimekko print, which you’ve already seen here:

And a bonus detail shot of the dress and a bag.

and some more mug shots with the bad lighting.


Outfit 1: dress – H&M, sneakers – Converse, clutch – Asos

Outfit 2: dress – H&M, clogs – Swedish Hasbeens, bag – Zara


Opinion: trends


I am aware of fashion trends, because I read fashion blogs and take a look at runway pictures and etc. But I am not one of those people, who, as soon as the trendy clothes come in, runs to the store and gets everything that is currently on trend. But I do think, that trends are simply a good timing to buy something that suits your taste and you know that it will give you a lot of joy.

For example, studs are not my thing, so I would not buy something of this trend, even though I do think it is pretty. But when I see clogs, I remember the picture of my parents’ wedding and my mom is wearing CLOGS in that picture! I would definately get a pair of Miu Mius or something similar (if I had the money :D) and even if god forbid I didn’t wear them, I would pass them on as a family heirloom.

As a kid I always wore faux or real fur and always felt so warm and cozy. Since I come from the country where winters are quite cold, I do want to be properly prepared for cold weather, but also look cute and not just wear all puffed up down (pun, much?) jacket. So, people who like fur, should get something nice this season. The time of fur has come (ask Karl Lagerfeld), and it means that there will be lots of variations and you will be able to pick something that really suits your fancy.

(picture from fashionology.com)

More on trends to come (when inspiration kicks in :))…