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Bringing order to Chaos


…it’s been a while. But now I have teh Interwebs back…and if I will not be too lazy, will write down some thoughts.

Since I have no proper photos, will write about my latest joy – order in my bag. So my friends gave me 50 Euros to spend on amazon…I thought, awesome – books, ftw. But after we got the kindle and books are not that expensive for us anymore (though still expensive for something that has no substance, basically and costs like nothing to send) I decided to get something that I will be enjoying every day.

I’ve been nursing this thought for  a while now – getting some cosmetic bags and using them to store all the crap that I drag around with me everyday (big surprise, girls and their huge bags). Since I had some money at my disposal I went for something that I wouldn’t have normally bought for myself…I would have been simply to scroogie  for that 😀 But this time i did it. I went and bought myself three cosmetic bags from Fossil, a brand I really love, but can rarely afford.

Can this be any cuter?
So, one bag I use for medicine (for example aspirin), bandages and other stuff. The middle one is used for chargers, USB sticks and similar crap. I haven’t come up with a use for the biggest bag yet, but for now I store all my night stand joys in there – all the foot, hand creams, lotions etc. So two bags seems enough.
Or does it?… This bright thing there is a key/coin purse.
More colour for upcoming gloomy days. This thing is used for my home keys and the office card. Plus, I put my car key in there too, when I arrive to work so I do not dig in my bag when I have to leave for home.
So there, colourful and easy way to bring some order and joy into our bags 🙂

Outfit post. Forest fun.


We visited our dear friends on Halloween. Before the dinner we went for a walk in the forest. I needed to change my shoes unfortunately, so the oufit is not exactly what I was wearing (originally it looked a bit 70s :)), but I could not risk wading throught the mud in good shoes. I have my rubber boots for exactly this purpose – crappy weather and/or walking conditions. I think I am still way too practical to be an actual fashion blogger…I worry if I will be comfortable, if I will not ruin my clothes or shoes, if the bag will not be in the way, the skirt will not be too short, so I don’t end up pulling it down all the time etc. So often I end up wearing not exactly what I had in mind. But believe me, in this case rubber boots were a must…

Outfit: top – Esprit, sweater – United Colors of Benetton, jeans and belt – Esprit, scarf – from the market in India, jacket – some (non existing any more?) Lithuanian brand Tiks, boots – The Only, from amazon.

Due to my lame posing (I am still polishing my technique…*cough*) I could use only this one picture of my outfit, so more stories under forest pictures.

I bought the sweater in India. It is made of awesome wool..you know, the one that bights the skin? I love it. The colour is so nicely in your face :). Perfect piece for the winter – both practical and cute.

The jacket was aquired years ago, and I mean years…Like 7 or so. I wear it every year, it has never stayed in my closet during this jacket appropriate weather. I bought it for my last money. A couple of my friends from university and me were wandering this outlet store (at that time it was not that popular yet) and I saw this jacket for 35 Litas I think (around 10 euros in today’s currency rates) and I scraped my last money (I think it was all coins :D) and bought it. What an investment. I really love it when this happens – manage to snag a thing of great quality for a steal 😀


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