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Outfit post. Yellow and Navy


Even though the weather is still spoiling us with warmth and sun, I just need to start wearing Autumn clothes. I hate being in between – either Summer or Autumn.

Anyway. I stocked up on colourful tights from asos and this is the second outing for these particular ones.

Since it was too warm for booties and I really really wanted to wear coloured tights, I went for pairing them with sandals. I don’t remember ever wearing tights together with sandals…to me it always seemed such a violation of rules of good taste… I sure am glad I started reading fashion blogs. I learned to appreciate a lot of things I somehow could not accept before.

Outfit: top – Zara, skirt – s.Oliver, tights – ASOS, sandals – Clarks, coat – Etam, scarf – Soaked in Luxury, bag – Mango, butterfly pendant – from mom.

The outfit began with tights and other parts just came together instantly. But they were all dark. I needed something bright. I think the result turned out pretty well – yellow works great and I was really feeling the oufit.

And I think my photographer is really starting to get a grip on what kind of pictures I want to have.

And here is the full outfit. The only thing that was lacking IMHO (and according to my husband as well) – some shoe clips to brighten up the lower part of the whole outfit. I discovered some really nice examples, but I gave oath to myself not buy anything anymore at least until Christmas. But maybe I’ll do the post on them.

The scarf has a story behind it. I bought it at the Copenhagen airport while waiting for the transfer and I was really in love with it. I wore it with everything, everywhere. But then I went to Limp Bizkit concert and lost the scarf…  I was really upset, but I was lucky to travel again through Copenhagen  a couple of weeks later and they still had a couple left! I had a short transfer so I had to run to the store…Good thing it was on my way 😀

And here are some Autumn colours from our littlo town.

Enjoy the Autumn!


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S2011 RTW Favourites (II). A Détacher. ACNE. ADAM.


I don’t have any preference for which particular fashion shows I want to investigate, I am simply going through style.com alphabetically listed shows and picking what I like :). Also, you never know what you might discover, while flipping through something unknown to you. There will be no other logical order to how the pictures are picked for my posts (editors note: this is the reason for a word Chaos in the title of the blog).

So, the looks below are from A Détacher (and ALL pictures in the post are from style.com).

A Détacher Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearA Détacher Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Coloured tights! Midi lenght skirts! (I need few..) Great prints! (Some of those too, please)

A Détacher Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear A Détacher Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Awesome colour combinations. And the hair gives such a breezy vibe to all looks.


And here are the two looks I liked from ACNE collection:

Acne Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAcne Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

The collection itself didn’t leave to great of an impression on me, but I really liked the bright reds (I’m kind of into this colour lately). I liked the look on the right, because I wore something similar back in August 😀 (outfit post to come). Footwear was also quite impresssive, but not something I would wear….I think 😀

Acne Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

also some bitchin’ eyewear  was presented:)


And the last look in this post is from ADAM:

ADAM Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

It has one of my favourite trends of the season – cropped tops! It also carries my new found love for red colour plus the bestest length of skirt (so sick of mini skirts all over…)

more to come…


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Socks, wonderful socks


I am so glad that socks are making a comeback. I don’t own any black socks (well, maybe a one pair at most), but I never have the chance to show them off. But now… 🙂 Socks were all over runways. FERY GOOD! (I will not explain this internal joke, I just use this phrase a lot.)

Prada Fall 2010 Twisted Front Wool Knee Socks Profile Photo

I love that the socks were showed off, but there is one but. I would never stuff my besocked feet into sandals or shoes because of one very simple reason – the shoes would stretch and when I would want to wear them without socks, they would have turned into overstretched uncomfortable to wear shoes. Since my budget does not stretch as the shoes might, I need to consider the practical side too. So, up until know the only option of fancy legs were tights. But I abandoned wearing fancy tights few years ago. (Now starting to pick up on this old habbit again)

Back in January I bought a pair of great shoe boots (or booties as I’ve read on the internets) from Shelly’s (they deserve a separate post). And now I can show off my socks, that were hiding in knee high boots and under jeans, too! In the above and below pictures you can see my collection (not full) of socks I own. I also ordered some colourful tights a few days back. My Autumn will not be moody, that’s for sure 🙂

All of the socks (except for one pair) are of Lithuanian brand  Skinija. I just love their designs and quality. Unfortunatelly their website is not too great, but I hope my photos speak for themselves. So if you have a chance to visit Lithuania, you should be able to find these socks in any supermarket.

The grey socks on top are over knee socks. I asked my friend to buy them and bring them from London (since we do not have Top Shop here and other over knee socks are really expensive – roll eyes out) when she would come to my wedding. They are awesome and already made a debut during the dinner after the wedding (not sure if  there are any outfit pictures, because I was not taking any pictures…but I am sure I will repeat the outfit).

I also looked up tights on the internets and rediscovered this brand of tights called Veneziana. I think it’s a Polish brand, judging by the domain pl :). I used to wear tights from them back in Lithuania. I remember I was not too facinated by the quality, but the design really compensated for this flaw.

And I was looking up leggings too and discovered this cute and wonderful brand called Pepper tree. I’ve never heard of them before, just found them on amazon.de. And now I am eyeing this pair of leggins 😀

So, recommendations for Autumn – colourful socks, tights or leggings and ankle boots to show them off! Enjoy!


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