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THE Leggings


I finally figured out my password to my gmail account for the gallery with all the blog photos. I think I harassed someone accidentally, because it appears that I had forgotten my username as well and send requests about forgotten passwords and account unlocking to Google about someone else accounts…

THE leggings and what an odyssey it was to get them.. I was sitting half a day on November 17th clicking refresh every couple of minutes, since the website of H&M was not able to handle all the crazy shoppers.

Guess what? After the package arrived, surprise surprise – leggings were in a totally different size than I ordered! I was really disappointed and pissed. Who can mix up 36 with 42?! There was immediate rushing to the computer to order another pair. And of course 36 had already sold out. So I got 38 instead. Then after a couple of weeks the package came again. Oh joy! Tearing of a package and!..huh? Am I missing something? There was supposed to be a bag with some extremely bright seizure inducing colours here. Turns out – they sent me a long ugly coloured too big in size cardigan!

Anyway, I did not want to do anything anymore with H&M online store for this particular item(of course I called and yelled at them that I do not want to buy this thing anymore..another long story), so I ordered them on Ebay. Of course, I could have waited for ladies to return the stuff, since they had realized by now that they will not wear the clown leggings (I saw such comment on the interwebs – apparently clowns wear such pants..I thought they wear huge wide leg ones..whatever) and I could have gotten them eventually and maybe even on sale. But since I was really really really obsessed with those damn leggings and really really really pissed with the store, that I did not care anymore that I had to overpay on Ebay.

So. Here they are! (drums) The epic leggings from the epic Versace for H&M collection.

Naturally we are not experiencing the weather for suitable for the above outfits yet, but the world deserves to see.


The first picture: H&M dress, THE leggings and asos wedge shoes.

The second picture: shirt from my husband’s closet, belt from my mom’s closet, THE leggings and the Pretty Ballerinas. There is also a Desigual clutch in my hands. Nevermind the hair thing on my wrist.

So there.

Outfit post. Checked and Striped.


Finally got to taking some pictures of my outfit. Wore this when we went for videos earlier today (wore the same stuff during the day too, just with black top…was a bit too moody for me, so I changed later).

I finally found proper checked pants, I’ve been on a hunt for like a year. They are really cool ๐Ÿ˜€ Perfect stretch for tight pants (these are jeggings or treggings or whatever :D). Really comfortable and looks great.

Outfit break down: top, t shirt and pants – Esprit, jeans jacket – Sisley, shoes and brooch – Asos, wristlet – Desigual.

Ghotsly look – consequence of the abscence of mascara. I have non existent eye lashes which need to be painted..But I’m still experiencing some weird problems with my lids, maybe my skin does not like the make up remover, so I look like a ghost most of the time.

I love this pic. Looks like Alice in wonderland saying goodbye to her feet.

And here is the detail shot of the brooch.

Aquisition of the wristlet has a story of its own. My friend and I had an evening of shopping in London, after work. We were on aย hunt for shoes but also didn’t shy away from going into other shops for unplanned purchases, since it was sale season. Once we came into Desigual (which in my opinion is awesome but really overpriced) I fell in love with this thing. But my friend convinced me not to buy it…60 pounds you know… After we left the store, I wanted to go back, but once again, my friend told me to get over myself. I was obsessing about it for several days and was prepared to pay the price (instead of eating lunch for some time).

One evening a bunch of Lithuanians from the office London went out to celebrate my birthday…and guess what I found in an unexpected birthday present bag ๐Ÿ˜€ I did not expect gifts at all so this was twice as great.

I love when I have a story related to a piece of clothing ๐Ÿ™‚


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