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I didn’t have proper conditions to take pictures of this outfit, when I was wearing it (what a surprise…). Just before New Year my husband and I went to see ‘Grease’ (the clothes were awesome πŸ˜€ performance…not so much). Light in the evening was, of course, crappy, so I thought to myself – next time…

Today while laying in bed I finally realized, that there actually IS a spot at home, that I could use for taking pictures, just need to move some stuff around, but… It is a plain white wall and my camera very stubbornly refused to focus automatically…my visions is worse thanΒ  my camera’s so my manual focus magic didn’t turn out too well either…There were more outfits from this infamous photo shoot, but everything is blurry, in other words – total embarrassment… Not that this isn’t, but I am just sick of not having posted any outfits in a while because of the quality of the pictures. So, the point is to document what I wear, evaluate and evolve, right? πŸ™‚ In other words – no matter how lame the pictures are, at least these have to reach the world out there.

Outfit is not exactly complete – no make up unfortunately, but I got so annoyed adjusting the camera, that I could not be bothered putting more effort into something that is usually not very important for me (or was…as of Christmas I expanded my make up kit and it is not limited anymore to just mascara). Also, I was wearing a black long sleeved top under the dress, so I would not get cold.

Outfit: dress – Promod, belt – vintage from my mom, boots – Bronx, tights – Asos, ring – something from Disney collection, cannot remember the brand, earrings – from India.

I just love this trend, that’s been around for quite a long while now – BELTING! FTW! I think it is a really nice way to add that something to the outfit. I am not very good at it…yet πŸ˜€ This is the only outfit so far that I can pull off (except for belts in jeans, which are more of a necessity rather than a fashion choice).

The ring was a birthday gift from my friends (from my wish list), it is from Alice in Wonderland collection or smth :). Follow the white rabbit (Matrix alert!…dear lord…my mind just cannot stick to one thing at a time, can it?). Continuing a short acquisition story – I bought the dress back in 2008, when I worked in Budapest. Quite nice to have things from all over the world in my closet πŸ™‚ It is not just about fashion or style, but also – about memories πŸ™‚ And this dress did enjoy Budapest πŸ˜€



p.s. note to self – get a remote control for the camera.

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Outfit post. Blue scarf, long boots.


The name of the post sounds a bit like pirate names…I need an eye patch. The outfit itself is not at all piraty, but rather elegant.

Outfit: coat and jeggings – Esprit, scarf – from India, shoes – Bronx.

Camera accumulator died on us so there were only three pictures and only one showable. So there you go.

I can’t remember which top I wore…but oh well.

The shoes were aquired back in Lithuania like…3 years ago…I’m not sure. But they are really great. Thick heel makes them rather comfortable to walk, in, decorative belts or however those things are called add kind of a rock’n’roll touch and the colour adds a nice pop toΒ  dark outfit, which is almost always the case this time of year, since I own only this one coat for current temperatures. Sadly, this is also the only wool scarf I own, so for outfits I can only work with my bottom…(yes I do realize how it sounds :D), that is – legs, since the top is a constant. Ergo – funky footwear and/or tights (p.s. I love how jeggings are so easy to stuff into knee boots).

I am hoping to snap some outfit pictures this weekend if the weather allows, since we plan a lot of outdoor activities.


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Outfit post (what I wore this Summer)


Since the weather does not allow me to repeat any outfits that I wore this Summer, and take pictures, I need to dress up for a ‘photoshoot’ πŸ™‚

Here we go. This was an outfit that I sported several times back in June and July.

Top – Esprit, skirt and earrings – from a market in India, Sandals – Oasis, bag – vintage (I never thought that I would use such a fancy word to describe a bag I got from my grandma :D), bangles – India, Lithuania, Russia.

Please subtract the glasses from the picture. During the peak of usage of this outfit, it was simply too hot and too annoying to wear glasses, I needed to stick contacts in my eyes.

The skirt was aquired back in Autumn of 2007, when I was in India for my SAP course (yes, I’m a geek). Me and my colleagues went to the market called Dilli Haat (cannot guarantee that this is the correct spelling) to get presents for the people waiting for them back home :D. You need to pay to enter this market, I am a bit afraid to lie how much it costs, but it is really cheap (less than 1 euro for sure…maybe 15 rupees), but because of this fee there are no beggars, which, if you’ve been to India you will agree, is really relieving. The sellers rotate every two weeks, so you never know what you might find there. We bought a huge pile of wool scarves for ‘special price’, which would be given by us :). My colleague annoyed the sellers (he may have been Indian in his past life) until they would cave πŸ˜€ Anyway. I saw this skirt in that market too, while looking for a present for my niece. (She got a skirt with littlo bells :)) It is slightly too big, but I make it work :).

The bag goes really well with this whole outfit, IMHO. Strentghens the hippie vibe. I remember I asked my grandma around 9 years ago if she still had the bag and she asked to make sure – ‘that potatoe sack?’. After I got it from her, I dragged it around with me A LOT. Since it is made out of some synthetic material which is rather hard, the straps would break from time to time, my father was regularly employed by me to sow them back together πŸ™‚ This Summer I took the bag out again. It is awesome and I can say, that I have true piece of vintage in my closet :D.

The shoes (please nevermind the non existant pedicure). After seeing a collection from Prada with chandelier sandals and investigating Melissa Lady dragon shoes, I knew I would not be opposed to wearing plastic shoes. This was just a thought in the back of my head, not a conscious decision. But after I saw these on Asos, while looking for flat sandals for Summer, I knew I have to get them. They were definitely a hit this Summer, I wore them non stop. They go with everything πŸ˜€

Prada chandelier sandals (Picture from Garance Dore blog).

Image 1 ofΒ Vivienne Westwood Anglomania For Melissa Globe Heeled Slingback Shoes

Melissa Lady Dragon shoes.

Earrings. I got them at the same Dilli Haat market in India. All earrings I got in India are so heavy…They drag my ears down, but oh well, I love them!

Btw, I got a new haircut πŸ™‚ It is perfect to have a friend who is a hairdresser. πŸ™‚


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Outfit post


Today was a gloomy, cloudy day, but not too cold. It was a bit too cold to wear short sleeves though, so I went for simple sporty layers. Here is what I wore to run some errands: to the in-laws to print a couple of pages, pick up chinese food (I was too lazy to cook today..), bring back rented movies, send couple of packages, get some fresh meat from the butcher’s.

Tank top, pullover and jeggings – Esprit, shoes – Blowfish, bag – Mango, bangles – from random vendors in Lithuania and India, Earrings – from India.

Judging by the outfit I am a total Esprit freak πŸ™‚ This brand is a bit more expensive than Zara or H&M and similar chains, but I like the quality that I get from Esprit, because if I buy something, I usually wear it A LOT, and that means I want it to last. πŸ™‚ Hence, I have certain expectations for the quality of my clothing.

Anyway. The tank top as mentioned in my previous post – back up for another similar top I already own. And it gives a nice splash of colour to the dark outfit.

The pullower and jeggins were on sale on esprit.de πŸ˜€ I’m really happy with this jeggings/leggings trend. I am not a fan of transparent leggings, but opaque leggins and jeggins rock πŸ™‚ It is easy to tuck them into boots, but they also look good with ankle boots or ballerinas, or any other kind of shoe really. And I like the bottom detail of these jeggings too. Also I like the feeling of comfort they provide because of the stretch (btw, when I buy jeans, I always make sure it has some elastane in too, so they would feel comfortable and not too rough and hard)…just pockets are missing, but that’s ok. Pullover is nothing too special and out there, but the fabric is really soft and it looks nicely when layered. I cannot wear it on it’s own though, because my chest is too big and the buttons are always struggling… This is also the reason why I have problems finding proper button down shirts and blouses. Because if I want them to be tight,Β  but not show off my bra through the gap it is quite difficult to find. I always need toΒ  try one size biger, but then they look too big oO.

Shoes…I really love these shoes, they feel like slippers and look really cute. They are of Blowfish brand. But no matter how happy I am with them, I must say, I would not pay full price for them (I’ve got them on sale too), because 50 Euros is a bit steep in comparison with the quality of a shoe. I hope they will last until next year, because I wear them a lot and they do not look too sturdy πŸ™‚

Hope you had a nice day too. And I need to go clean ferret toilet πŸ™‚


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