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Catching up…lookbook


So, I was really lazy for the past two weeks, but well – I was kindda entiteled. And today I wanted to finally catch up with lookbook. I usually just scroll through all the posts until something catches my eye.

Today some outfits did get stuck and I would like to share them:

This is an outfit that I would definitely wear, because it feels really me 😀 The colour mixes, cute print and the sweet overall result really appeals to me.

And recently I have a thing for quirky patterned pants:

If I could only pull off the look by making the pants look like pants and not like pyjamas…I don’t think I would ever be able to do that to be frank.


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Cardigans: Solution for a Light Chill


The weather (oh yes, my constant topic for complaints) seems to be picking up now. The sun is peeking in my bedroom and the sky is clear. Still it is rather chilly and makes me want to put something with long sleeves on.  So, today I would like to share with you my new found love for long cardigans (long, as in the ones that cover the butt, not necessarily the ones, that are sweeping the ground). Yes, I know, they’ve been around for a while now, but I think it is good to share the actual experience, when you own a thing, and not just write – OMG, cardigans are in! 🙂

I wanted one for a while now, ever since I saw several looks on Lookbook and while window shopping back in Spring. I really got  into this piece of clothing (not that I own a bunch of them, just one), because it is just so versatile. You can wear it with anything: over jeans and a t shirt or a shirt, over skirt and a blouse, over a dress, to work, at home, belted, loose, with a pin, during evening walk, casual, dressed up, you name it. (Note to self: must not forget make pictures of the outfits with it.)

Here is one of the ways how I would wear it:

Jewels that go with the sunset

During the sale on Esprit website, I decided to get one for myself too 🙂 This one:Grey EDC Cardigant laying flat :)

I just love it. It is a bit unconventional – I love the longer front detail and the different fabric mixture. And the fabric itself is so soft. Even though I prefer natural (cotton or wool), I find this one awesome. Sadly it will not be a good option for winter though…(need to add a thicker one to my wishlist :D)

Grey EDC Cardigan

Anyway. I really recommend you add such piece to your waredrobe. You will not regret it, word 😀


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