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Blue and Orange plus Feathers


Lately I’ve been having a thing for certain colour combinations. One of them is bright orange and blue another one – pink and green. Since couturious has disappeared from the face of the interwebs I needed to switch to some other means (currently polyvore) of putting together some imaginary looks.

Also I’ve been obsessing over fur and feather skirts a lot…in my head. And I’ve put pointy suede ballet flats on my wish list. So here we go:

Blue and Orange plus Feathers

Outfit post. Yellow and Navy


Even though the weather is still spoiling us with warmth and sun, I just need to start wearing Autumn clothes. I hate being in between – either Summer or Autumn.

Anyway. I stocked up on colourful tights from asos and this is the second outing for these particular ones.

Since it was too warm for booties and I really really wanted to wear coloured tights, I went for pairing them with sandals. I don’t remember ever wearing tights together with sandals…to me it always seemed such a violation of rules of good taste… I sure am glad I started reading fashion blogs. I learned to appreciate a lot of things I somehow could not accept before.

Outfit: top – Zara, skirt – s.Oliver, tights – ASOS, sandals – Clarks, coat – Etam, scarf – Soaked in Luxury, bag – Mango, butterfly pendant – from mom.

The outfit began with tights and other parts just came together instantly. But they were all dark. I needed something bright. I think the result turned out pretty well – yellow works great and I was really feeling the oufit.

And I think my photographer is really starting to get a grip on what kind of pictures I want to have.

And here is the full outfit. The only thing that was lacking IMHO (and according to my husband as well) – some shoe clips to brighten up the lower part of the whole outfit. I discovered some really nice examples, but I gave oath to myself not buy anything anymore at least until Christmas. But maybe I’ll do the post on them.

The scarf has a story behind it. I bought it at the Copenhagen airport while waiting for the transfer and I was really in love with it. I wore it with everything, everywhere. But then I went to Limp Bizkit concert and lost the scarf…Β  I was really upset, but I was lucky to travel again through CopenhagenΒ  a couple of weeks later and they still had a couple left! I had a short transfer so I had to run to the store…Good thing it was on my way πŸ˜€

And here are some Autumn colours from our littlo town.

Enjoy the Autumn!


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Outfit post. Grey With a Hint of Orange


Sudden burst of warmth took over our town yesterday…+23 in October…I’m not complaining πŸ˜€ It was a perfect opportunity to take some pictures outside. We went for a walk in the town, where the market and some Lunapark was taking place.

It is the same outfit as here, just with different shoes and earrings. So, here it is.

Outfit: top, earrings and shoes – Asos, skirt – Esprit, bag – Mango, sunnies – Polaroid.

Learned to pose a bit more. I think turned out quite OK.

You can’t see, but I am holding a bottle of water in my left hand…perfect poser :D.

It was my last chance to not wear tights and wear my feather earrings one last time this year.

And here is a couple of random photos from the market.


I have no idea what this is :). Hope you had a nice weekend too.


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Outfit post


Yesterday I got to try the new pair shoes I got from Asos instead of my Steve Madden sandals πŸ™‚ They are perfect. The colour, the shape, the leather and they are so comfortable! Also, the ankle strap is not too high, so does not give the optical illusion of a short leg. So, I can further develop my new found love for grey colour.

Image 1 ofΒ ASOS HOTFOOT Leather Ankle Strap Wedges

I used to have an opinion, that if the company makes clothes, then it is most likely that the shoes it produces will be rather crappy – uncomfortable, bad quality or, dunno, something else. I rather trust my feet exlusively to shoe companies. But since Asos has a large collection of shoes, I decided to take my chance and I do not regret πŸ˜€

Lame pose -me, top and cardigan – Esprit, skirt –Β  Benetton, shoes and brooch – Asos, bag – Mango, bangles – from Lithuania and India, earrings – from India, sunnies – Polaroid.

In the morning was a bit cooler so originally the shoes were paired up with jeans (the shoes go really well with almost all of my jeans, which are normally too long for flats and I need to roll them up). I wanted to make some nice pictures in the park, but by the time we managed to actually go to the park it was too warm for jeans so I slipped into my Summer’s favorite skirt.

Since I am new to all this personal style blogging, I am still learning. After I uploaded photos for this post, I noticed that I wore a lot of same stuff (same top, skirt, bag, bangles)…hm…So will need to do something else in the near future. But for now let it be a topic on how to wear the same thing different ways :). After all, we do find clothes that are the most comfortable to us and stick to them, am I right?

Anyway. The skirt you’ve seen here. The bag was featured so far in almost all of my posts as the top and it’s twin too. About the cardigan I wrote here. I also got brooch from asos. I was eyeing it ever since I saw it on the website. Now that it was on sale, I decided to go for it, since I was ordering the shoes from there anyway πŸ™‚

Asos brooch (Miu Miu knock off much :D) Miu Miu swallow brooch.

I just cannot act normal and pose professionally, I need to make a fool out of myself. Here is the proof πŸ˜€

The pictures were made in the castle of Paffendorf, which has a really lovely park.

And here is the park itself.

And here’s us – my dear camera man and me. In the next post you will see his outfit with more description as well πŸ™‚

And also, you can see my earrings. They have a butterfly shape and are quite heavy. I finally got them out of my jewelry box this summer. Before I could not find an outfit that they would go with. Not to self: never get rid of the stuff that you love, but cannot find a way to wear it. Just wait. The time will come.


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Outfit post


Today was a gloomy, cloudy day, but not too cold. It was a bit too cold to wear short sleeves though, so I went for simple sporty layers. Here is what I wore to run some errands: to the in-laws to print a couple of pages, pick up chinese food (I was too lazy to cook today..), bring back rented movies, send couple of packages, get some fresh meat from the butcher’s.

Tank top, pullover and jeggings – Esprit, shoes – Blowfish, bag – Mango, bangles – from random vendors in Lithuania and India, Earrings – from India.

Judging by the outfit I am a total Esprit freak πŸ™‚ This brand is a bit more expensive than Zara or H&M and similar chains, but I like the quality that I get from Esprit, because if I buy something, I usually wear it A LOT, and that means I want it to last. πŸ™‚ Hence, I have certain expectations for the quality of my clothing.

Anyway. The tank top as mentioned in my previous post – back up for another similar top I already own. And it gives a nice splash of colour to the dark outfit.

The pullower and jeggins were on sale on esprit.de πŸ˜€ I’m really happy with this jeggings/leggings trend. I am not a fan of transparent leggings, but opaque leggins and jeggins rock πŸ™‚ It is easy to tuck them into boots, but they also look good with ankle boots or ballerinas, or any other kind of shoe really. And I like the bottom detail of these jeggings too. Also I like the feeling of comfort they provide because of the stretch (btw, when I buy jeans, I always make sure it has some elastane in too, so they would feel comfortable and not too rough and hard)…just pockets are missing, but that’s ok. Pullover is nothing too special and out there, but the fabric is really soft and it looks nicely when layered. I cannot wear it on it’s own though, because my chest is too big and the buttons are always struggling… This is also the reason why I have problems finding proper button down shirts and blouses. Because if I want them to be tight,Β  but not show off my bra through the gap it is quite difficult to find. I always need toΒ  try one size biger, but then they look too big oO.

Shoes…I really love these shoes, they feel like slippers and look really cute. They are of Blowfish brand. But no matter how happy I am with them, I must say, I would not pay full price for them (I’ve got them on sale too), because 50 Euros is a bit steep in comparison with the quality of a shoe. I hope they will last until next year, because I wear them a lot and they do not look too sturdy πŸ™‚

Hope you had a nice day too. And I need to go clean ferret toilet πŸ™‚


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Outfit post


Yesterday we paid a visit to the music store in Cologne. I was going with two guys, so I needed to wear something, that I would be able to keep up with them (roll eyes out) and feel comfy on a train. So here is what I wore.

My outfit on 7th of Auguts 2010

I am used to dressing weather and place appropriatelly. So, for +26 this outfit seemed perfect, i felt cool and comfortable. The sandals were not too high, so basically felt like sneakers, just with more ventilation :). And of course – cotton skirt and top in Summer, FTW!

Tank top – Esprit, skirt – United Colours of Benetton, sandals – Clarks, bag – Mango.

I bought these sandals last year in London. Clarks is one of my favorite shoe brands. I am not always amazed by their design, but if they manage to come up with something cute – you will not regret buying a shoe of this brand. They are just so soft and comfortable, and the leather is just awesome.

The skirt was bought (again) for office purposes about 2 years ago. I love high waist and the skirt has pockets! (when I mentally went through my collection of skirts, I realized, that ALL of my skirts have pockets :D.) As a kid I always hated high waisted pants, dresses or skirts and would always try to pull them lower. But now I really adore this kind of clothing. It gives the vibe of cute.

The top was purchased as a back up for a similar top I own πŸ™‚ If you really wear something basic A LOT, you should stock up, IMHO.

And the bag was featured here.

Before I left I also put a bunch of bangles and bracelets on and of course the earrings (photos to come). Without the earrings I feel kind of naked, they are essential part of my wardrobe and I think deserve a separate post πŸ˜€ Anyway, I was happy with the way my outfit turned out.

Have a nice Sunday πŸ™‚


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Outfit Post


My sandals have arrived.

Steve Madden Sandals on a Foot

So simple and elegant. The colour is pefect. And – they hurt my toes. Sigh. And before I pack them and send them back with my breaking heart, I took some pictures. This is how I would incorporate them in an outfit (please ignore the bruises on my legs…I am just not able to walk past any corner without working my clumsiness to the limit):

Soft jersey top – Asos, skirt – Esprit, bag – Mango, sandals – Steve Madden Tarney.

I got this Asos top as a present for myself for my birthday this year. Skirt was aquired for office purposes about two years ago. This is the second outfit, where the skirt actually feels in place. Normally this skirt doesn’t work with anything except for white long sleeve shirt, so I’m happy I can finally wear it differently πŸ™‚ The bag I got about a year ago and it is my constant accessory this summer. My love for clutch and carry-in-your-hand kind of bags really got good treatment this year πŸ™‚ But that’s a topic for another post.

And here’s me in all the glory of my back wall and side of my closet. I don’t own a tripod yet and my dear photographer is working, so this is as good as I can give you.


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