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The mom outfit



I am feeling a bit uninspired word-wise this rainy weekend. But the outfits are ON. I keep obsessing with what I am going to wear all next week at work. So, sorry for the boring post, I hope the outfit will make up for it. Continuing the topic on midi skirts.

This outfit reminds a bit of the 70s fashion. Midi skirt, no cleavage – all buttoned up or turtleneck-ed. It also really appeals to me, because my mom used to wear similar clothes. I remember her skirts and dresses, when she would pick me up from the kindergarten. She is still so very stylish.

I found this skirt while browsing on ASOS and decided against it, because I did not want to pay more than 60€ for a skirt, and then it got sold out…Fortunately they restocked and coincidence of coincidences – I got a bonus around that time! So, now you are seeing the photos of it. Unfortunately it turned out a bit too big and I had to belt the skirt under the sweater so it would hold around the waist. Just to be on the safe side, I will take it for alterations only in spring, if I do not gain weight, cause I do love to eat and winter is coming…For now, I will need to hide the waist of the skirt under wider tops. I could of course tuck the sweater in (I saw it in a couple of blogs), but even though I find that it can look quite cool, I think on me it would just seem too awkward.

Let us talk about the rest of the pieces. This trench is pretty awesome – I got it last year for my birthday. It has a lining that can be taken out. So I can wear it almost all year round. Highly recommended.

The little Sal decided to take an opportunity to sneak onto the balcony and take part in the photo shoot. She matches my faux fur bag perfectly.

Will definitely weird out the people in the office with this combo. Because, you know – I will look like a mom from the 70s.

I will also be forced to be on trend this Autumn – I have quite a few burgundy pieces and apparently IT IS ON with the burgundy this season. So sorry for that.

I’ve been looking forward to carrying my fluffy bag since the early spring, when I put it aside for something lighter.

The pumps though…were a bit of a disappointment. I love Vagabond shoes and had 4 or 5 pairs of them before (from flip flops to winter boots). I mean, the fit is actually good, they are not too narrow. The color is nice and in general they look good. So what the hell is wrong then? The heel is placed in a part of the sole, that when you walk, you already expect the heel to hit the ground but it does a little moment later and so you walk a tad awkwardly. Which is irritating. I decided to keep them, since I am more or less confined to my desk the whole day. Otherwise they would be back where they came from.

Outfit: trench – Spoom, sweater – H&M, skirt – ASOS, shoes – Vagabond, bag – Pilar Abril


S2011 RTW Favourites (II). A Détacher. ACNE. ADAM.


I don’t have any preference for which particular fashion shows I want to investigate, I am simply going through style.com alphabetically listed shows and picking what I like :). Also, you never know what you might discover, while flipping through something unknown to you. There will be no other logical order to how the pictures are picked for my posts (editors note: this is the reason for a word Chaos in the title of the blog).

So, the looks below are from A Détacher (and ALL pictures in the post are from style.com).

A Détacher Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearA Détacher Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Coloured tights! Midi lenght skirts! (I need few..) Great prints! (Some of those too, please)

A Détacher Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear A Détacher Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Awesome colour combinations. And the hair gives such a breezy vibe to all looks.


And here are the two looks I liked from ACNE collection:

Acne Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearAcne Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

The collection itself didn’t leave to great of an impression on me, but I really liked the bright reds (I’m kind of into this colour lately). I liked the look on the right, because I wore something similar back in August 😀 (outfit post to come). Footwear was also quite impresssive, but not something I would wear….I think 😀

Acne Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

also some bitchin’ eyewear  was presented:)


And the last look in this post is from ADAM:

ADAM Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

It has one of my favourite trends of the season – cropped tops! It also carries my new found love for red colour plus the bestest length of skirt (so sick of mini skirts all over…)

more to come…


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