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I don’t mean to be snappish, but eyes are serious shit. Am I right? So I usually buy sunnies not just with UV filter, but also polarized. It is really great, especially when one is driving a car. The annoying thing is, that there are not that many choices with polarized lenses and I end up buying just OK glasses, not too expensive and that suit me, but they never have that ME factor…and so I caved and bought simple sun glasses going against my principles. Behold!

They are from H&M for Water collection and I am expecting to get them in the mail any day now. I love that retro something in their design – just lacks a convertible a 50s style dress and a scarf .














And the contrasting black and white frame makes them look even more non standard. I hope they will not be too big for mah face!

THE Leggings


I finally figured out my password to my gmail account for the gallery with all the blog photos. I think I harassed someone accidentally, because it appears that I had forgotten my username as well and send requests about forgotten passwords and account unlocking to Google about someone else accounts…

THE leggings and what an odyssey it was to get them.. I was sitting half a day on November 17th clicking refresh every couple of minutes, since the website of H&M was not able to handle all the crazy shoppers.

Guess what? After the package arrived, surprise surprise – leggings were in a totally different size than I ordered! I was really disappointed and pissed. Who can mix up 36 with 42?! There was immediate rushing to the computer to order another pair. And of course 36 had already sold out. So I got 38 instead. Then after a couple of weeks the package came again. Oh joy! Tearing of a package and!..huh? Am I missing something? There was supposed to be a bag with some extremely bright seizure inducing colours here. Turns out – they sent me a long ugly coloured too big in size cardigan!

Anyway, I did not want to do anything anymore with H&M online store for this particular item(of course I called and yelled at them that I do not want to buy this thing anymore..another long story), so I ordered them on Ebay. Of course, I could have waited for ladies to return the stuff, since they had realized by now that they will not wear the clown leggings (I saw such comment on the interwebs – apparently clowns wear such pants..I thought they wear huge wide leg ones..whatever) and I could have gotten them eventually and maybe even on sale. But since I was really really really obsessed with those damn leggings and really really really pissed with the store, that I did not care anymore that I had to overpay on Ebay.

So. Here they are! (drums) The epic leggings from the epic Versace for H&M collection.

Naturally we are not experiencing the weather for suitable for the above outfits yet, but the world deserves to see.


The first picture: H&M dress, THE leggings and asos wedge shoes.

The second picture: shirt from my husband’s closet, belt from my mom’s closet, THE leggings and the Pretty Ballerinas. There is also a Desigual clutch in my hands. Nevermind the hair thing on my wrist.

So there.



So, good people. Imma tell ya, Santa brought me some really nice presents this year 🙂 Even fashion related!

First of – I got a book from mah beloved man. The books is Fashion Artist, by Sandra Burke and is available at amazon 🙂

I want to learn how to draw, particularly fashion sketches. And since I have no idea how to draw and I am too unfocused, to do everything by myself – I just cannot organize the information. I hope this book will guide me. Since  my drawing skills are poor, I don’t know if I should write any review for the book yet. But after everything settles a bit, I think I will give it a try.

And tomorrow I am off to get some drawing supplies! At first will get some simple pencils and pens, and paper, later on, if everything goes well, will get myself some colored pencils, maybe charcoal and other goodies. Also looked up about half a million different drawing tutorials on youtube etc. My head is exploding and I have no idea where to start 🙂

Anyway. Back to Santa. I got some make up thingies as well 😀 I love when people stick to the list, and surprise you, by getting more from it than expected.

I wanted some ‘fancy’ make up. The thing I religiously stick to is mascara. Sometimes I use eye shadow (mostly brown) and pencil plus once in a while lip gloss (but since my hair sticks to my lips then, I usually end up cursing all the time, especially if it is windy). I remember about 8 or 9 years ago I tried some liquid powder or foundation or whatever that stuff is called, but that was the most serious I got with my make up. So, for the sake of experiment, I decided to put some things on my Christmas list, since normally I wouldn’t have bought any of that myself.

So, my make up stuff came from Yves Rocher online shop. The prices are reasonable and they have a lot of special prices. Plus, my mom used to use mascara from this company and always liked it, plus it is not the usual brand you get at a drugstore, has a bit of a nicer feeling to it somehow. So, I got a blush and a brush for it, eye make up kit for smokey eyes. I also got shampoo and conditioner for blond hair .

The blush is very pale pink, since my skin is quite pale (I am not sure, but I think the color I chose was naturel – rose). Looks quite nice, makes my face look less round 😀 The brush is really great, even though I have no frame of reference, I like it – it is soft, comfortable to hold in the hand and distributes everything evenly.

Blush naturelRouge-Pinsel

The smokey eyes kit consists of 4 colors of eye shadow, two pencils and a brush. May I say – it is awesome. I haven’t tried something so intense on my eye lids in ages and was a bit drunk after Christmas dinner, but I thought it  looked great. The pencils are really soft and easy to apply. Eye shadow is also really great, just need some practice, since it is very dark and can mess everything up quite easily. With this kit one can do two types of smokey eyes – with black and blue and with pink and brown (the latter is my personal choice).

Smokey Kit Night & DaySmokey Kit Night & Day

I hope I will end up looking like this:

And not like this:

Shampoo and conditioner are also really nice – hair is soft and shiny. What else can I say about the shampoo 😀 Approved.

Ihr Pflege-Set für blondes Haar: Shampoo + Spülung


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Walking in My Wedding Shoes


A few months back I embarked on a journey through the internets in search of a perfect outfit. I am getting married soon, so I decided to do at least SOME things in advance and not the last minute. And since I am really chaotic and just had a vague idea that I do not want a boring standard outift (white dress, white shoes, a suit for my husband-to-be), I was going through ALL dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes in various online store with a hope, that something will simply catch my attention.

While flipping through asos.com I discovered this great pair of shoes from Irregular Choice. Dark blue (my favourite colour) with polka dots (adds a really nice twist).
Irregular Choice Dot Print Heeled Shoes
Unfortunatelly, they didn’t have my size. And since I decided that these are THE SHOES, I googled them to death. At first I went the easy way – simply to the irregularchoice.com and see if they have an online store. And guess what? I found them. And even better. I found the variation that fits occasion even more perfectly – what can be cuter than wearing shoes covered with hearts on your wedding day, ha?

So, without hesitation I ordered them. Even though the price was a bit ouch. Plus 15 pounds for international delivery! Oh well, it’s for my wedding so… In a few days I got an email with we are very sorry, but your shoes are not available. I was WTF, mate? and really really disappointed. Because once I set my eye on something (and that does not happen too often, that I have no doubts about something) I HAVE to get it. And once again I was in the virtual space, looking for MY shoes. Amazon and Ebay in Germany, UK, various (and weird) online stores all over. Kept my eye on asos, just in case my shoes miraculously emerge. After few hours of intense browsing I finally found them! Cheaper than I saw anywhere else AND they had my size! And again without hesitation I pulled out my credit card.

Only after I paid, did I decide to investigate this online store. I mean, what the hell is D R Shoes? Haven’t heard of them EVER. I was relieved to see, that they have a store on Ebay and have only positive reviews. So, to save some nerves, DO check first, if the store is trustworthy. In this case I can assure you, that D R Shoes just ROCK (but their website is being renewed, so you cannot check yourselves). There was some issue with my credit card (my delivery address and billing address is different, so their system suspected me of fraud), but the staff replied to my email within an hour and reassured me that everything is OK and I just need to call them to confirm the addresses. So I did. And everything was sorted out in 10 minutes and my shoes where shipped in an hour! So. Now I have the shoes of my dreams. Which will hopefully not be just one time shoes. Here they are 🙂

OMG! The heel is 13cm! The shoes are comfy though and look really cute on the foot. The only problem that I am experiencing in them, is that lining is made of fabric, not leather, so when walking in them at home I am always paranoid to lose them. Will see what’s gonna happen on the big day 🙂


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