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Outfit post. August 18th, 2010


OK, so from the below pictures you can tell – I do not like make up 😀 The only thing that I use on regular basis is mascara (but I have a bit of a problem with my left eye, so for now mascara is put aside), so I would not look too washed out. If there is some special occasion – I use brown and purple eye shadows and brown eye pencil, and sometimes lip gloss. But in general, I do not want my skin to suffer this whole chemistry until I actually DO NEED to cover it up..in like 10 or 15 years :). However, after taking pictures I do see that additional effort is needed.

Also, I would like to have some nicely styled hair too, but first of all – I do not have patience, seconf of all – I don’t know how. I usually opt for some easy-to-take-care-of  hair cuts and be done with it. Put on to do (to learn) list – learn to do my hair. I have a friend who’s a hairdresser, I hope she will teach me or at least contribute to my hair appearance 😀 She does make up too, so we’ll see.

Expression suitable for the gloomy rainy day -me, top, bangle and brooch – Asos, skirt and leggings – Esprit, jacket – Retro jeans, rain boots – Be only.

It’s a pitty that it is so dark all the time, many photos came out quite blurry. So I was left only with these lame pose ones. But I like that my blog is starting to get into some sort of shape, and I wanted to share at least something. Plus, I like the idea of looking at this as my visual diary and not just blah blah. I think it will be cool to look back after some time and see what happened when and how it looked like.

Suspicious teacher’s expression – check.

Gonna do some housework around here and then go play dress up 😀


p.s. who did a rain dance again?!

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Outfit post. Rain…Again…


So, yesterday it was raining cats and dogs, so to speak. We sat all day at home and played Borderlands on PS3. Since non of the food we had at home, suited our taste that evening, we decided to go for pizza. Pizza place is just 3 minutes of walking distance from our place and I wanted to take few pictures of rainy day suitable outfit, so we were forced to go outside. Here’s what came out (plus some amateur tuning).

Pac-a-parka, jersey top and bangle – Asos, jeggings and umbrella – Esprit, rubber boots – Be only from Amazon.de, earrings – from India.

Here is me making a face while waiting for pizza. And the zebra bangle is visible (I am so on trend 😀 Animal prints rule all).

And this is just another shot that I liked. Judging from my experience of reading blogs, I always stick to the ones with lots of pictures. So I will try to achieve this on my blog too. Less writting, more showing.

So, coming back to the outfit description. The parka is really awesome – you can pack it in a pocket, that is sown in on the inside. There are still some left on sale. I saw something similar, just a bit more expensive on topshop website too.

Image 1 of ASOS Pac A Parka

The jersey top is just awesome – soft and warm and grey 😀 And jeggings fit very well into long boots and are stretchy and comfortable. The boots unfortunatelly are a bit too big (I had to go down a size, but they are still a bit large), but I just couldn’t be bothered sending them back a second time for exchange.

So, that’s that for a rainy day – something water resistant and a bit of colour.


p.s. I should really start coming up with names for my outfits…otherwise soon I will start experiencing problems with distincting them.

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Rainy days


Since the weather for the past few days was totally crappy, I was looking up cute rainy day thingies on the internets (LOLspeach might appear on this blog occasionally) :). Since continous rain tends to get me depressed, colourful and sweet things can have quite an effect on my mood, when all I want is to crawl back in bed in the morning.

So, samurai umbrella would be quite fitting, if you just want to be left alone, especially while waiting for (or are in) the public transport (Be afraid! Be very afraid!).
Kasana Samurai Umbrella

And this sweet umbrella stand (holder?) would give you a mood boost, before leaving for work. Aaaaaw, it’s raining!
Splash Mini Regenschirmständer

And of course – dry feet are essential. Rubber boots FTW! I’ve got myself some funky light blue rubber boots with flowers all over 🙂 Goes well with grey and black jackets and people tend to give me looks 😀 While browsing for a nice example, I found these adorable boots.

I’m not sure about the colour, but I really like the boot itself. I think, that simple rubber boots are also a great option, as long as they are of bright colour.
Hunter Original Gloss Wellington Boots


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