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Outfit Post. Shoe Challenge #4


So this is crap what has happened to Shoeperwoman. What is up with the universe? Lately I find myself often observing all kinds of weirdness and thinking people = shit (please excuse my French). So much wrong and mean is all around, what the hell? I always tended to trust people, but I guess nowadays it is just being naive…Because that’s what happens when you believe in good in people…trust no one. It is sad.

So, to help Shoeperwoman in her quest for justice, I am posting this weekend’s outfit feat. my pink Blowfish flats and linking to her website 🙂

Outfit: t-shirt – Retro jeans, jeans – Vertus, bangles – my standard set from all over, sunnies – Polaroid.

Above you see a typical example of personal style blogging – nice posing, nice background, average outfit. And below is a typical example of me, because why go through life seriously, right? Let’s bring some silliness into this world and try and stay positive.

Some usual blah blah blah about my clothes. This t shirt is one of my favorites. I like how new things you buy at a store can look so retro. I just loooove this kind of t shirts. Also wearing my ancient pair of jeans, which I managed to take to the tailor after two years of them lying around in my closet – they needed a new zipper. This is my bestest pair of jeans – so amazingly comfortable and look gooooood. I am happy to have salvaged them from the dark and gloomy place that is my closet.

And here is a detail shot of my t shirt.



Shoe Challenge Excuses


Since I am rather preoccupied with the job hunt, I did not snap any pics of my outfits yet, just managed to wear some shoes. I just want to indicated that I have worn these shoes and will be sure to take photos eventually (after all the tension is gone).

Here are the shoes that I wore.

Converse sneakers (seen here)…what can be easier, right? 🙂 Wore them to the shop.

Bronx brown knee boots (seen here). Wore them on Valentine’s day while visiting my in laws. How romantic…well to be frank, I do not give a crap about that pink/red/card/flower/candy/slutty underwear day. I had a couple of glasses of good wine and a relaxing evening in cozy environment.

Bronx ankle boots (seen here). Since I am mostly at home, my main exercise is grocery shopping. Wore these to get some stuff for dinner. They are so damn loud. In the town itself is no biggie – noise level cancels them out. But in our quiet street and on the way to the shop it is like there is nothing else left in the universe, but the noise these shoes make oO. I still love them, they’ve been with me for about 4 years now.

Asos Totally Suede ankle boots(seen here). My current favorites. My feet are rather wide, so the round toes are just a perfect fit (gives enough space to squeeze my relatively large feet in) and the laces allow perfect adjustment for my high arches. (I am just so special with my wide feet and high arches oO). Anyway, the shoes are damn comfortable. I had walked in them all day and was not tired at all. And the craziest is, I got them for a ridiculous discount :).



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My Challenge in Shoe Challenge


I flipped through the collections of the shoes that ladies already submitted to the Shoe Challenge. It is interesting to analyze, what women wear and how their shoe collections are shaped. Is it mostly pumps, colourful shoes or a bunch of flats. Everyone’s personality and preferences are visible. Nosy me 🙂

Here are my shoes. 21 pairs in total (minus running shoes, flip flops and similar non footwear and of course my wedding shoes).

Quite a mess frankly. I still have doubts about a few pairs, but if I do not squeeze them through the challenge, will not be much of an issue to get rid of them anyway. My Grandma and Mom always appreciate my hand-me-downs.

I noticed that many participants have quite a huge amount of shoes…My collection looks quite pathetic in comparison. But my challenge will be not just wear the shoes during that one year. I am facing another issues – I have several pairs of shoes which served only one purpose – office wear. So there are two options: either I start to act my age and wear more serious shoes while grocery shopping or hope for a job offer which will make my life (and that of my husband’s) easier in SOOOOOOOOooo many ways 😀


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Shoe challenge


So, my dear imaginary readers. I decided to take on a challenge to wear (and document) all the shoes I own during the period of one year, starting Valentine’s day.

It is a spin off of the original challenge, but now not only the Shoeperwoman will try to repeat her last year’s success, but she’s calling all forces to join her in the next challenge as well.

You can all participate even if you do not have a blog. More on the rules here.

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