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I don’t mean to be snappish, but eyes are serious shit. Am I right? So I usually buy sunnies not just with UV filter, but also polarized. It is really great, especially when one is driving a car. The annoying thing is, that there are not that many choices with polarized lenses and I end up buying just OK glasses, not too expensive and that suit me, but they never have that ME factor…and so I caved and bought simple sun glasses going against my principles. Behold!

They are from H&M for Water collection and I am expecting to get them in the mail any day now. I love that retro something in their design – just lacks a convertible a 50s style dress and a scarf .














And the contrasting black and white frame makes them look even more non standard. I hope they will not be too big for mah face!

Blah Blah New Year’s Resolutions


Whoa did I fall off the face of the Earth… Not that I do not have anything to write about, I just do not have the energy. I am always jealous when I see how much people manage to do during the day. It does not work that way for me – after a day at work my ass just glues itself to the couch. I go to sleep at 9 in the evening and can barely get up at 6…

I keep asking myself a question, how do those bloggers manage to take their pictures in a decent light? I mean, I leave for work when it is still dark and I come home when it is already dark. I’ve put some crappy pictures on this blog, but I really do not want it to be a standard. Maybe will try taking more pictures indoors, but for now instead of photos I will publish my complaints and the things that annoy me instead of outfits. And now, some good stuff.

I finally got a chance to do some shopping for the first time in a couple of years. Not anything extraordinary – some H&M sale abuse, but I cannot wait for Spring to take the stuff out for a spin. Since my closet is now quit happy with the instant clothing for the time being, I decided that the next thing I will buy will be some fancy shmancy designer piece. Because…well, why not, right? So this is my first New Year’s resolution – get my first real designer piece (Versace for H&M does not count). Most likely shoes, but who knows. This is supposed to be a fashion blog, such resolutions are appropriate.

Another resolutions is – to try out more beauty stuff. The next on my list is nail polish and hot curlers. I kindda started already in November with the nails, but I want it to become a routine.

I also want to adjust my style for the office. I want to look as myself, but not too out there. I do not want to wear some classy grey suits and black shoes to work.

But people here are really afraid of color…I think I am the only one who wears pink or red shoes in the office. Maybe because it is a total middle of nowhere and people are really conservative. But I could be that breath of fresh air, right? The gals are quite excited to see me in my Versace for H&M leggings, but I do not think that the office will get that from me. It is not just the shyness, but I wonder what would the high management think, if I would appear in some meeting wearing leggings with differently colored pant legs and all the rest would be wearing grey suits…

In case you were wondering – these are the leggings.



The most epic leggings of all time!

So far those are the resolutions. Do not want to be an overachiever… 🙂

Summer favorites


My reaction to the trend that I like usually goes like this:
First phase – ooooooh! Like! Want!
Second phase – damn, they’re all over the interwebs… looks like an incubator…me no like.
Third phase – hm, are ALL the girls still wearing it or can I buy it already?

This is just some random picture of me in my pink hat, so that the post would not look too lame.

Before I started reading fashion blogs, I never questioned if a trend is still fashionable, can I wear it? Frankly, I still don’t. As I mentioned before, if a trend catches on – it means you will have an enormous variety of choice. If you find something that fits you well, it does not matter if it is still trendy or not, you can wear it all you want. My only problem is, I need to wait until the big wave of the trend passes, so I would not feel like the trend obsessed gal and question if my judgment has been impaired by looking at too many pictures with nice outfits.

Now to the point – you know all those cut offs we’ve been seeing since last year? This trend brought me back to my teenage years, where I really wanted to cut all the pant legs off of my jeans (and I actually ruined a pair).

Anyway, this weekend we decided to do some live shopping and actually went to the store. It was pretty efficient and we did not get tired and worn out after the trip. The secret to successful shopping – setting a goal. In my case it was H&M, a pair of cut off jean shorts. I did my research online and found quite a lot of options, so this was my store of choice.

Here is another random picture to cut in the boredom of looking at a lot of letters. I will call it very artsy – Ladybug on Parsley.

There are a few things that I do not like about H&M. The stores are so huge and there are always so many people. Another annoying thing is, that organization in the store is usually beyond my understanding. All jean shorts hang in all different kind of places and you need to scout the whole store before you find all you need. And I needed to try all kinds of cut offs, since I had no idea what would look good on me. Eventually I picked four kinds and ended up narrowing down to two. One pair I grabbed just because of the light fabric, they were just denim shorts, not cut offs.

The actual cut offs I chose wear husband (boyfriend…whatever) cut. Thought they looked gooo-h-ood, the fabric was too thick for the summer and I decided not to get them.  They looked something like this, just the colour was a bit lighter:

I ended up getting the shorts that were not actual cut offs. Plus one stripey top.

And I must say, I found my summer’s favorites for this year. They go very well together and with other stuff in my closet as well. I am not very happy with the quality of the top, so I will be a bit disappointed, when it will fall apart in about 5 washing cycles, but oh well.


Outfit post. Checked and Striped.


Finally got to taking some pictures of my outfit. Wore this when we went for videos earlier today (wore the same stuff during the day too, just with black top…was a bit too moody for me, so I changed later).

I finally found proper checked pants, I’ve been on a hunt for like a year. They are really cool 😀 Perfect stretch for tight pants (these are jeggings or treggings or whatever :D). Really comfortable and looks great.

Outfit break down: top, t shirt and pants – Esprit, jeans jacket – Sisley, shoes and brooch – Asos, wristlet – Desigual.

Ghotsly look – consequence of the abscence of mascara. I have non existent eye lashes which need to be painted..But I’m still experiencing some weird problems with my lids, maybe my skin does not like the make up remover, so I look like a ghost most of the time.

I love this pic. Looks like Alice in wonderland saying goodbye to her feet.

And here is the detail shot of the brooch.

Aquisition of the wristlet has a story of its own. My friend and I had an evening of shopping in London, after work. We were on a hunt for shoes but also didn’t shy away from going into other shops for unplanned purchases, since it was sale season. Once we came into Desigual (which in my opinion is awesome but really overpriced) I fell in love with this thing. But my friend convinced me not to buy it…60 pounds you know… After we left the store, I wanted to go back, but once again, my friend told me to get over myself. I was obsessing about it for several days and was prepared to pay the price (instead of eating lunch for some time).

One evening a bunch of Lithuanians from the office London went out to celebrate my birthday…and guess what I found in an unexpected birthday present bag 😀 I did not expect gifts at all so this was twice as great.

I love when I have a story related to a piece of clothing 🙂


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